More Than 1,000 Victorian Police Officers Wrongly Sworn In

If you have an open matter with Victoria Police…CONTACT THEM ASAP. Your charges might be invalid

More than 1000 Victorian police officers have been wrongly sworn in over the past eight years due to an administrative bungle, casting doubt over thousands of police matters.

Chief Commissioner Shane Patton on Thursday said he was recently given legal advice informing him of a legislative error in the Victoria Police Act.

The error means that from July 2014 to August 2021 deputy police commissioners were appointing acting assistant commissioners without the required powers.

Those acting assistant commissioners then swore in a number of graduating police officers.

However, under changes to the Victoria Police Act in 2013, acting assistant commissioners needed to be appointed by the chief police commissioner or a deputy commissioner who had been delegated the authority.

Due to the error, 1076 police officers, 157 protective service officers and 29 police custody officers have been wrongly sworn in by acting assistant commissioners.

The mistake could mean police officers have been making arrests and issuing charges without the powers to do so.

Affected police members are being contacted on Thursday, with Victoria Police saying they are moving to “urgently swear in these officers again over the coming days and weeks”.


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  1. All of them have sworn an incorrect oath anyway… They are ‘NOT’ Officers of the crown, they are supposed to be ‘POLICE CONSTABLES, OF THE CROWN’ NOT officers. These police Officers are just private corporation employees. No different to Mc Donalds employees with ‘NO MORE AUTHORITY’ than Mc Donalds employees…

  2. Shane Patton must have received a Notice – everyone is aware the corporate police DO NOT swear allegiance to protect and keep the peace in the name of the queen. They are there to make money – and money only. That’s the reason why they must get so many bookings a week. Also, they can be PERSONALLY sued for false arrest etc – because they are corporate. The 1999 Referendum held 6 Nov, 1999 to become a Republic was a farce as Australia had ALREADY been sold. Type in google or duckduck go “ABN Lookup”. Type any agency and you’ll find their ABN’s. NSW Police ABN: 3 408 613 180, Vic Police: 63 446 481 493, (double click on them to see when they became a corporation). 1 Nov, 1999! Shaney boy knew, he was just the one left holding the bag – but he did it voluntarily!