Protests Point to Political Earthquake in Victoria

The demonstrators alone almost have the numbers to swing the next election.

The November 20 protests in Melbourne against the Andrews government’s pandemic bill and vaccine mandates attracted between 250-350,000 people. While that number sounds impressive enough on its own, what is even more significant is what it means for voting patterns.

Consider the numbers. There are 4.3 million voters enrolled in Victoria according to the Electoral Commission. If we take the low end of the estimate of protestor numbers – 250,000 – then this equates with 5.8 percent of the eligible voters in the state. The swing to the Andrews government at the last election was 5.3 percent, giving them a margin over the Coalition of 7.3 percent.

If all those people vote against the government, as seems an absolute certainty, it would reverse all the Andrews government’s gains at the last election and go close to unseating it. If, as seems highly probable, those protestors represent only a fraction of Victorians angry at the vaccine mandates proposed bill then we may be witnessing an earthquake in two-party politics in Victoria.

An informal straw poll conducted by RDA of voters at the rally revealed that about nine in 10 present either voted Labor at the last election, or gave them their preference. None said they would be doing so at the next election. It points to looming electoral carnage for the Labor Party.

That is only the people who came to protest. Most likely, for every protestor who attended there are many people who feel the same way but did not make the trip into the city. A reasonable estimate might be (this is speculation) that for every protestor there are five like-minded people in the community. If so, this would equate with almost a third of the voting population. Or if, as is very possible, it is as many as 10 like-minded people for every protestor, that represents over half the voting population.

With either scenario, it would represent an upheaval of Victorian politics whose consequences will be unlike anything seen before. The implications for the two-party system seem dire. The RDA straw poll did not uncover any enthusiasm for the Liberal Party. They were generally described as traitors or weak. Instead, they are looking to the so-called minor parties for support. Those minor parties may soon be not so minor. Already, the United Australia Party has the most members of any political party in Australia.

What makes the situation so dangerous for the arrogant and complacent traditional parties – which are intent on imposing health procedures on the population, including, outrageously, children – is compulsory voting. In countries where voting is voluntary, angry people are inclined not to vote at all, rejecting the system itself. But in Australia that is not an option. Angry people will vote – and as Melbourne and other capital cities are proving, there are huge numbers of very angry people. According to the South Australian Senator Alex Antic, 1.2 million people protested in Australia. That equates with about 7 per cent of the nation’s voting roll.

So what are the so-called ‘number crunchers’ in the mainstream parties doing? Talking to themselves inside their echo chambers most probably. At the rally, one critic yelled: “How does it feel to be the one percent?” He had it wrong. The people demonstrating represented almost six percent, and they are just the tip of the iceberg.

Politicians have queued up to disgracefully criticise the demonstrators for exercising their democratic right to free speech. Mustn’t have any of that democracy nonsense.

So perhaps they have not run the numbers yet to see exactly how big a shift is occurring in the electorate. When they eventually do, they will get a nasty shock.

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  1. I just read what has been said about how RDA and Pro-Choice groups could unseat Daniel Andrews at the next election. I am one of those who have always voted Labor, and I am opposed to mandatory vaccination and the Pandemic Laws he has just implemented in Parliament, he will not get my vote,

    1. I agree with Iris, however, I see the Libs as cowardly complicit in their deafening silence throughout the last 2 years. Even Sky news had to bring Labor’s Belt n Road to the public eye……… so much political laziness. At any media grab, the opposition could have said….. What’s the Cycle Threshold for all these so-called cases? and wait for the answer……… Boom……. it could have all come tumbling down ages ago. And the Liberal Health Minister – an ex-nurse of all people, STILL promotes these “vaccines” — despite all the detrimental data? What is she thinking? The mounting side effects and deaths in previously healthy people post-vax, should give anyone cause for pause, much less Brett Sutton. Both of them – in for a big shock next election. We won’t forget!

  2. Very logically presented, and very encouraging for us. And quite correct. I went to the Nov 20 protest all the way from far east Gippsland, and I know I represented many, many more than 5 or 10! When doing the math you can take into account the angry people in rural/regional Vic and add us to the angry city voters. We helped pushed Kennett out all those years ago….! Times are a changing, we are awake, we are aware, we are angry, and we will never ever forget. RIP Lib, Lab, Greens.

  3. Please forward this article to The Spectator Australia ( [Rowan Dean] or any of their regular anti-vax writers like Alexandra Marshall or Rebecca Weisser). It needs as wide a possible audience as possible.

  4. There were many people there that day, some that had travelled hours to be there from regional Victoria to express their concern for the over reach of Government. Instead of listening to the people and their concerns, the agenda rolls on and is bolstered by giving Police the use of tasers at protests. If the successive protests over many weeks has shown is that they are peaceful. Dan Andrews and his mob can only hold power if they call off elections due to a deadly variant. Vote for independents with integrity and put the major parties last.