Pro-Choice Hypocrisy Will Shock You

I am immensely proud of these young men who are putting themselves into tricky situations to learn and grow, I’m sure they have a very bright future ahead of them. I met them through the RDA community groups and it makes me so happy to see them pursuing this passion.

Let’s support them as much as we can so we can add another alternative media source to our list.


This video is not as much about pro or anti-abortion, it’s more about the hypocrisy around ‘my body my choice’

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  1. Hat’s off to those boys for making that video. It is however, disheartening that people can be so dumb. It’s no wonder the elite have decided to treat the people with such contempt and depopulate the planet of ‘useless eaters’. I have tried to inform people in the nicest way about the dangers of the vaccines, pointed people towards real medical experts and official statistics, but with very limited success. It’s come as a bit of a shock to me during this time, but I’ve realised that many people are really much dumber than I gave them credit for. What a period we are living through. Thanks to Monica and RDA for making an effort. Best of luck with your upcoming battle and I hope you get a better outcome than Aussie Cossack.

  2. This simple homemade amateur video gives huge amounts of valuable advise between the lines.

    In order for us to do anything about the present situation we need to maintain our physical, mental,emotional and spiritual health.

    As they say on the plane “fasten your own oxygen mask first”.
    The video made it blatently obvious that trying to explain anything to people like this is a total demoralizing waste of time, money and energy that could be spent much more effectivly elsewhere.

    But you do have to give credit where it is due……. Being so totally ignorant and offencive that no male would want to help in the conception process is an excellent method of birth control that will avoid the need for abortion.

  3. I just watched the other videos these young guys made on their youtube channel and it’s really inspiring stuff.

    They are reaching another audience who are probably not into sites like RDA and The Highwire.

    Things often spread like wildfire through a younger audience who are more into social media.
    Every awakened person will help us reach that critical mass.

    Apart from a few extremely radical exceptions, waking up generaly follows the 50%/50% rule.

    50%( like the pro abortionists) won’t get it and 50% will if they are exposed to it. (of them 1% get it at a high level and can see the connections between the separate parts.)

    Our problem is that so many of the 50% who will get it have had it hidden by mainstream media lies.

    I went to a freedom party meeting once(in WA) where they showed a montage of police violence during Melbourne protests. I was sitting next to a very intelligent,aware nurse who had refused the vaccine and she screamed in horror and asked me where it was. When I replied that it was in Melbourne it was like she was in a state of shock,saying over and over “No No that’s not in Australia”

    I’m sure these young guys will reach many like that. They seem to have a unique ability to say so much in so few words. So many will watch a 5 min video where they won’t watch a 90 min technical video by an expert.

    In one powerful video they didn’t even need to say a word….They simply showed a media presenter talking about the wierdo conspiracy theorists claiming police had shot people in the back ,when it was so obvious that that wasn’t true…..and then they showed a montage of the police doing exactly that.

    Keep up the awasome work guys.