An RDA Interview with Prof. Ian Brighthope – Part 2

Monica from RDA interviews Prof. Ian Brighthope in Part 2 of the interview.

If you haven’t seen Part 1 of the interview, click here to watch.

Below this interview, you’ll find the ‘LAWFUL REQUEST AND DEMAND FOR SPECIAL TREATMENT
OF COVID-19′ that Ian talks about.

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  1. Great video Monica! What concerns me is that the government health advisors aren’t advising this or they are and the government ignores this. It’s clear there is an agenda to control us and kill us with the vaxx. It’s not even hidden now is it really….

  2. Thank you for the interview. Where are the links to studies showing vitamin D levels and getting covid? And where is the link to the template? I can’t find it.

  3. Quack doctor who runs medical trials in unregulated facilities, who sells vitamins while advocating for their use with unfounded claims, has an organization that uses heat therapy to treat cancer patients despite there be no evidence it actually works, and who hired an ex doctor who had his license revoked after two of his patients died in his care. A quack taking dumbfucks on a ride and stealing their money. Hooray!

  4. Suspending someone for saying the truth, typical. Ian Brighthope is a con and a x quack who sells lies about treating diseases and viruses with just vitamins, the very vitamins he sells to his sick followers. His organisation has gotten into shit for doing trials at unaccredited labs and for hiring an ex doctor who lost his license after two of his patients died in his care. That’s the truth

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