9pm TONIGHT – Live Q and A with RDA (Monica Smit)


How it will be run;

  • I will mute everyone while I am speaking or answering questions.
  • You MUST use the ‘raise your hand’ feature if you have a question. I will then ask you to unmute yourself and you can ask the question.
  • You can put a fake name on your profile and turn your camera off if you want.
  • If someone is there to troll or ruin the event, I will kick them out.
  • Any reasonable question will be answered but I will not tolerate empty threats, claims or defamation of myself or anyone else.
  • Please don’t use this time to ‘preach’ to the audience or promote something. Have your question ready when I call your name. Try to keep it simple and direct.
  • The event will go for a maximum of 1.5 hours. I may not get to everyone who has their hands up but I’ll do my best.

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When: Dec 22, 2021 09:00 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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  1. My computer glitched halfway through the meeting, and I was forced to disconnect. The medicine administration sent me a letter for trying to receive 10000 ivermectin 12mg tablets that I want to donate later on when I receive them. Is there any help that I can receive?

    1. Name,
      It’s against the law now to bring in IVM as well as anything that is pharmaceutical that can help cure covid. A Melbourne company has actually produced a nasal spray that kills covid but it isn’t allowed to be sold here. So obvious the govt is not interested in saving lives and there is an agenda behind all this. Our own Professor Borody’s IVM+ protocol to cure patients has also been banned in Au. There are postal border police checking letters and parcels from overseas. If found, it will be chucked and person will get a warning I think. Also, I know of another country that will not allow Ivm to be sent out of their country. I think there must be some high level govt-govt agreement about this. It’s global govt taking over. Our pollies are puppets and treasonous.

        1. No, not what I meant; glitches shd be looked into. Be discrete wth IVM.. courier or personal friend travelling. Can still be checked though. Good on ya for trying at least. 

    2. BTW, Clive Palmer with good intentions, bought a lot of HCQ which he wanted to distribute in Au to help covid patients, but the govt destroyed them all. How evil!
      But, it is possible to make your own organic Hydroxychloroquine using
      2-3 lemon and grapefruit peels. Steep for 4-5 hours, (I use slow cooker) cool and drink 1/3 cup a few times a day. Must take with Zinc Sulphate or Gluconate (30-40mg elemental). The Hcq delivers zinc into the cells and zinc stops covid viral replication in the cells. Ivm does the same thing. According to Dr Zelenko, (one of D Trump’s doctors) in the absence of HCQ or IVM, one can also use Quercetin. (But i think that’s not as effective although it will help).
      The protocol also includes Vit D, and C. Some people also take homemade Hcq to ward off flu infections.