Qantas Aircrew Adverse Reaction

Information from the 24 Qantas staff/pilots:

Community support is vital. Here is our Legal Team Trust Account Bank Details, raising funds for our case will allow our case to go all the way through to Federal Court and battle the illegal corporate mandates. A win here will see an end to Mandates in any Business, like CBA, Suncorp, Woolies and Coles.

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PDF with the adverse reactions:

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  1. This continues to astound me. I really can’t get a handle on what these “authorities” are thinking. Are they saying that all these people are “making up” these symptoms or that they are just a coincidence or that … ?

    The really scary part is that the worst historical examples of medical side effects have all taken many years to be uncovered. NO ONE has any idea what 3 years of doses with this muck will do to you, let alone 10 years or more. Really scary.

  2. Fear,psyob,mind control,hypnosis,bioweapons, weather manipulation, enslavement, poverty,abuse of health ,big pharma,big tech,fake media all has to go…people have to band up and speak up, call out and arrest the criminals . people have the power.

  3. And also stop the political and medical tyrants dictators in state and federal governments of Australia.
    We are further totally traumatized by this News and we have to have someone to stop these political and medical tyrants dictators destroying our lives and civil rights medical rights human rights and freedoms and our democracy.

    Welfare recipients will have to get jab after election or be denied benefits |

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