Queensland Premier Referred to Human Right Commissioner

29/09/2021 BY SONIA HICKEY

Queensland Premier Anna Palaszczuk has come under plenty of fire from Australians over the past 18 months or so, as a result of her snap border closures as well as the ‘double-standard’ applied to granting exemptions for entering Queensland, with sports stars and celebrities favoured over Queensland residents and other Australian citizens.

Now, the Queensland Government has been referred to the Human Rights Commissioner for potential breaches of the Human Rights Act in denying Queenslanders the right to come home.

Queensland Opposition Minister Jarrod Bleijie has asked the Queensland Human Rights Commissioner, Scott McDougall, to  “investigate the allegation of a human rights breach by the Palaszczuk Government regarding border restrictions that are denying Queenslanders their right to lawfully return to Queensland.”

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  1. Could this alleged information be true?

    Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father chairs a world-wide foundation of gene sequencing and storage companies
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews
    9 March, 2021
    Exclusive by Cairns News and Natural News
    The Queensland Labor Party government has denied it is DNA testing and recording thousands of Covid samples taken from Queenslanders since the Covid flu was introduced.
    But Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk has refused to confirm or deny if her father and former state Cabinet Minister, Henry Palaszczuk, has been appointed as chairman of a gene testing firm or large group possibly contracted to the government.
    Cairns News emailed a media request to the Premier in February but it was ignored.
    Cairns News can now confirm that Mr Palaszczuk actually is chairman of Singapore-registered and China-tied Gene Technology Alliance Foundation GTA基金会
    “GTA Blockchain reports: On September 22, 2019 the GTA Gene Data Storage and Application Summit was grandly opened in Chaohu city of Anhui province. The event brought together celebrities, Nobel scientists, experts and scholars in the field of gene technology and data storage, sparking heated discussions on application of genetic big data and AI, gene data encryption and storage, human health and other relevant issues.
    GTA Foundation Chairman Henry Palaszczuk told a world conference of gene technology leaders held in China, by leveraging the unique blockchain incentive mechanism, GTA encourages more individuals to participate in gene sequencing and storage.
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    GTA Foundation Chairman Mr. Henry Palaszczuk (Queensland Premier’s Father) : GTA will tap into genetic technology blue ocean market valued at trillons of dollars
    GTA BlockChain
    Sep 27, 2019
    On September 22nd , GTA Gene Data Storage and Application Summit was grandly opened in Chaohu city of Anhui province. The event brought together celebrities, Nobel scientists, experts and scholars in the field of gene technology and data storage, sparking heated discussions on application of genetic big data and AI, gene data encryption and storage, human health and other relevant issues. The participators got together to envision the prospects of genetic technology and unveil the mysteries of life.
    Mr. Henry Palaszczuk (Henry Baileqi), chairman of the GTA Foundation, made a speech on “Genetic Data Storage Leads the Change of Era”, in which he mentioned by leveraging the unique blockchain incentive mechanism, GTA encourages more individuals to participate in gene sequencing and storage. Adhering to the principles of collaboration, security, sharing, and authentic right, GTA rapidly integrates individual users, gene sequencing companies, medical, pharmaceutical, health services, and other data applications on one platform, as a result of which more individuals and businesses can get involved in the genetic data gold mine. These efforts will have a profound implication on exploring life mysteries, seeking complex truth of life, and advancing the development of biopharmaceuticals, precision medicine and genetic research. In this connection, GTA will become a world leader driving the development of genetic technology.
    He pointed out personal genome-wide data can bring single application value to GTA, which will double with the increase of use number. As increasingly more individuals get involved in genetic data storage, GTA will enjoy a remarkable premium.
    Facing a huge market valued at 1 trillion dollars driven by human genetic technology, GTA has undoubtedly become a powerful lever to delve into this vast blue ocean market, in a bid to bring an unprecedented disruption.

    QLD Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father runs genetic data storage company
    The rabbit hole goes deeper. Photo: QT
    The Crazz Files January 25, 2021
    READ MORE AT TOTT NEWS https://tottnews.com/2021/01/21/qld-premier-father-genetic-company/

    It has been revealed that Annastacia Palaszczuk’s father is the head of a gene-data storage and sequencing organisation, shining further light on ulterior motives for COVID-19 testing.
    In Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World, pharmaceutical research and technological advancement are merged as a sophisticated, all-encompassing giant, powering the system of control………
    GTA say they also leverage genetic technology to analyse the whole-genome phenotype data stored by users, meaning they provide massive data support for institutions, such as precision pharmaceuticals, precision medicine, scientific research and health management.
    The Queensland Premier is the daughter of the Director of this organisation.
    This bombshell revelation adds further weight to the notion that PCR coronavirus tests are just a mass DNA harvesting in disguise…….
    Annastacia Palaszczuk has been at the helm of Queensland’s response to COVID-19, including the recent mandating of face masks and urging of testing since the pandemic beginning.
    The significant linkage here is the fact COVID-19 tests have been marred in controversy, including suggestions the program may actually be the largest covert genomic harvesting operation in history.
    Firstly, let’s explore how COVID DNA collection could be possible……
    Also found is an initiative underway called the International COVID-19 Data Research Alliance — co-founded and funded by Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.
    The ‘coincidence’ that the Queensland Premier’s father is at the helm of a similar company should not be taken lightly.
    We know that the tests are being used by to collect and store DNA……..
    PCR tests are admittedly useless for detecting a new ‘virus’, yet are very useful for corrupt corporate technocrats who are currently trying to take away human and civil rights.
    This includes unlawfully mandating the possible causation of harm by trying to force us to wear masks, which have not in any way been proven to protect from viruses.
    This is where red flags arise surrounding Annastacia Palaszczuk and all other characters involved in this ongoing psychological operation. Morrison, Andrews and the rest.
    What are your thoughts? Do you suspect foul play?
    Source: https://tottnews.com/2021/01/21/qld-premier-father-genetic-company/
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    Conflicts of Interest Everywhere With Australian Politicians Profiting From the Bs 19 Fraud – Should They Enjoy Their Remaining Time Out of Jail? – Dr. Jeanette Young’s Queensland Chief Health Officer’s husband is Professor Graeme Nimmo.
    August 7, 2021
    By National Times Australia
    Dr. Jeanette Young’s Queensland Chief Health Officer’s husband is Professor Graeme Nimmo.
    He’s the Director of Queensland pathology and into Genomic sequencing (ie. variants, so that detail comes from his office), and also funnily enough he is a founding member of something called AGAR who are affiliated with Australian Society for Antimicrobials of which Prof Nimmo is a committee member and which Pfizer is a corporate sponsor.
    He has served on the advisory board for Pfizer before too, so the push for Pfizer is allegedly, a blatant conflict of interest, the soon to be Governor General’s back pocket will be getting a filling……
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    and >
    Dr Jeannette Youngs, (Queensland Chief Health Officer) Husband Prof. Graeme Nimmo has served on advisory boards for Novartis, Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Janssen-Cilag.
    Graeme Nimmo is President of the Australian Society for Antimicrobials.
    He has served on advisory boards for Novartis and Pfizer, and has received lecture fees from bioMerieux and reimbursement for travel and accommodation from Novartis, Pfizer and bioMerieux.
    He also is part of a company named Queensland Genomics, responsible for Sequencing, Tracking, Tracing, and “preventing outbreaks” of COVID-19. Their website was created by a company named NWO (New World Order)
    Jan 29, 2021. Novartis signed agreements with Pfizer to provide manufacturing of the BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccines
    Of course she wants a “JAB” in EVERY arm!
    She is allegedly directly profiting from her mandates…
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    Bill Gates and WHO go into partnership with Queensland Labor Party (Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk/Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young) to supply needle-less vaccines for Covid rounds two,three, four………
    APR 9, 2021
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews
    from Brisbane Times
    Labor is building a new multimillion-dollar facility in Brisbane at Hamilton Northshore to manufacture medical technologies – including a needleless vaccine patch that could be used to combat COVID-19 – to sell to global markets……
    The facility will be located in a building owned by Economic Development Queensland, with Vaxxas to begin manufacturing its vaccine-delivery product by early 2022.
    Ms Jones said the company could develop 300 million doses annually of any vaccine for its patches.
    “Particularly when you look at the world pandemic you have right now,” she said, “imagine if you could get that vaccine distributed around the world – in that little case, needle-free – compared to the technology we have today.”
    The scheme, designed and trialled in Brisbane since 2011, is now backed by both the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and the World Health Organisation.
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    Will anyone take on this pair of Medical Megalomaniacs doing the bidding of Deep State?
    Queensland Labor Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and Chief Medical Officer Jeannette Young
    MAR 30, 2021
    Posted by Editor, cairnsnews
    The WHO Confirms that the Covid-19 PCR Test is Flawed: Estimates of “Positive Cases” are Meaningless. The Lockdown Has No Scientific Basis
    This link reveals all about the FLAWED COVID-19 PCR TEST
    By Prof Michel Chossudovsky
    Global Research, March 26, 2021
    This article source from cairns news http://www.cairnsnews.org