Registered Nurse 39yrs+ blows whistle on live on Radio

Registered Nurse 39yrs+ blows the whistle on C19 damage and coverup by Media, suppression by AHPRA live on Radio.

Source: 1hr 9min. John Laws Radio 8/10/21

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  1. Main stream Media is a main weapon of Governments. It is my sincere hope that minor parties, instead of attacking other politicians will first direct their attentions to a direct campaign to DISCREDIT MSM & remove their potency.

    1. I 100% agree Cryptotraveller! The legacy media are primarily responsible for the situation we find ourselves now due to their 24/7 fear propaganda, censorship, and power over public opinion – they have controlled the narrative and hidden truths and facts since day one. Not only are the big media bosses and editors responsible, but so are all the useful idiots who simply present what they are told to present. (Investigative journalism is nowhere to be found in the MSM.)
      The corruption is on display when a radio host like John Laws, who is apparently not medically or scientifically trained, calls the professional opinion of a Registered Nurse “ridiculous”, (after he tried and failed to discredit her). How arrogant of him to outright dismiss her medical expertise and first-hand experience, as well as the government’s own published data on deaths and injuries from this medical drug trial, while he is just a media mic-jockey with a big salary.
      Corruption in the media is our biggest threat!

  2. Well done Jane …He sounded like he was a narrative follower . Telling her how to feel about scomo and then pretending he didn’t know what her job was. She needs to do an interview with media that is not bought by the gov.

  3. Well Mr Laws you have yet done it again cut and extremely intelligent Woman off with 39 year of experience who actually made sense what she she said is all true.
    Mr Laws you need to do some research and look into all of the medical professionals that know what they are talking about.
    The suppression orders on medical professionals is disgusting and very
    Why is it such a one sided conversation about the C Jab never in my life time have I known you can’t have your say about an experimental drug that is doing so much damage to the human race.
    Wake up and by start letting people have their say and let’s have a two way conversation

  4. Wow, what an ignorant a……e John Laws is. My hopes really are with RDA and UAP (hey, maybe many other brave Independents), in that the FREEDOM call is in part ‘no more censorship’.

  5. If you want Johnny to say something just offer him some “cash”…you know, “Cash For Comments” and all. He’s a full blown systems man ignoramus.

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