QLD snags and jabs pop up clinics

Queenslanders will soon be able to get their COVID-19 vaccine with a Bunnings snag on the side.

Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk on Tuesday announced pop-up vaccination clinics will open at some Bunnings retailers from Saturday, so “families can get their Bunnings snag and a dose of vaccine”.

More than two dozen sites have been identified across the state, stretching from the Gold Coast, inland to Dalby and as far north as Townsville.

The full list includes Browns Plains, Morayfield, Brendale, Bethania, Mt Gravatt, North Lakes, Stafford, Maryborough, Bundaberg, Hervey Bay, Dalby, Smithfield (Cairns), Fairfield Waters (Townsville), Townsville, Townsville North, Mackay North, Paget (Mackay), Airlie Beach, Kingaroy, Gladstone, Rockhampton, Yeppoon and Gympie.

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  1. First Bunnings pushed out all smaller Australian Hardware stores, then they amalgamated with Giant Predator Woolworth and now they joined the very lucrative and genocidal stab distribution market.
    Great Reset anyone?

  2. Fantastic…..I would have thought a medical precinct would have been more appropriate. But, hey….perhaps they could do the entire vaccine schedule there…..all 57 of them. Take you baby for it’s MMR and granny for her demensia meds.

  3. For this to be happening, this proves to the people that there is no one whatsoever who is ethical, decent, respectful of fully Informed Consent or even moral in authority anywhere in Australia to allow this disgraceful obscene abuse of medical ethics, human rights etc. and those drunk on power and the cesspool of alleged corruption and conflicts of interest which are systemic and widespread in Australia’s vaccination policy.

    Here’s How the American Healthcare System Was Turned into a Genocidal Killing Factory
    (inserted comment by DDB > and likewise against Australian people and other global populations.)
    The U.S. Federal Government, American Healthcare System, Big Pharma, the Mainstream Media, Major Universities and Colleges, and Scientific Research Institutions Are All Patently Guilty Criminal Co-conspirators as Proven by Their Highly Coordinated and Mutually Supportive Covid Crime Sprees Against the American People.
    State of the Nation
    It’s entirely true: America’s hospitals were turned into killing factories on the very day that OPERATION COVID-19 was launched in the USA.
    The Covid criminal co-conspirators had the whole Plandemic scheme in place that would quickly transform the American Healthcare System into a nakedly fascist “Murder, Inc”, where hospitals were retooled as concentration camps. WOW!!!
    What follows are the essential elements of this egregious plot to kill and sicken, debilitate and incapacitate, injure and maim the American people.
    First, the Covid criminals released the COVID-19 bioweapon using different infectious disease formats in different states and cities around the country. They purposefully named a coronavirus — SARS-CoV-2 — because that’s not what it really is. That strategy misled the whole world down the wrong path toward both misdiagnosis and ineffective treatment.
    Secondly, they established a highly flawed diagnostic PCR nasal swab test as the fraudulent ‘gold standard’ for determining COVID-19 positive individuals. Not only is this test dangerously invasive to the sinus cavity, it can be used as a way to both infect people with COVID-19 and/or stealthily deliver an untested Covid vaccine.
    Then, they quite deliberately refused to provide any one of several effective treatments for the COVID-19 disease process such as Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine. For the first time in U.S. history, the responsible medical and governmental authorities blocked the release and/or utilization of treatment plans and protocols for a public health disaster…as well as provided no alternatives whatsoever.
    Next, the same medical perpetrators adopted hospital protocols which included ventilators that guaranteed high mortality rate. Those who were not murdered by those protocols suffered from unnecessarily exacerbated conditions due to various forms of gross medical malpractice.
    Fifth, they closed all hospitals for the first time in the Healthcare Industry’s history to all family and friend visitors, thereby creating an extremely unsafe environment for the inpatients to be killed or die completely alone. The standard use of Midazolam is just one way in which so many Covid patients were methodically exterminated. See: Midazolam Used to Kill Countless Non-Covid Patients so They Could Be Labelled Coronavirus Deaths
    Sixth, because so many folks falsely tested positive for COVID-19, the main public health disaster across the entire USA was not the fake coronavirus, rather it became a corona “fear virus”. The ever-prevaricating Mainstream Media (MSM) has both propagated and disseminated this unparalleled “fear virus” as none other in world history.
    Seventh, after a sufficient level of fear virus proliferation by the MSM, the stage was set to recklessly roll out the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda, which they have done with an absolute vengeance.
    The various weaponized Covid vaccines have not only proven not to work, they were also bioengineered to create new variants of COVID-19 which are routinely used as “scariants” to coerce the populace into taking the hazardous injections.
    The MSM full court press on every citizen is now so intense, people are being stampeded into the pen of total vaccine compliance. Those pressures to get the shots are coming at folks from every possible direction, so determined are the Covid perpetrators to vaccinate every American.
    The degree of outright coercion and intimidation that has been employed to compel vaccine compliance has completely disregarded the standard and statutory medical practice of Informed Consent. Not only that, but people across the country were unlawfully administered an extremely dangerous and often deadly vaccine against their true wishes.
    Many of the vaccinated people have since come down with serious cases of COVID-19; with a growing number of them dying. Those who do not die from Covid are dying from a variety of vaccine injuries; or from serious complications that arise from existing medical ailments and health conditions. The more co-morbidities present, the more that people should NOT vaccinate.
    Medical Genocide
    Clearly, the Covid Super Vaccination Agenda is being quite willingly carried out by the nation’s medical system. Doctors and nurses, physician specialists and medics, nurse practitioners and physician assistants, CNAs and EMTs are all being enlisted to give the Covid shots as much as possible.
    Medical centers and hospitals, physician groups and doctor practices everywhere are being well compensated for the number of Covid injections that they administer. Many longstanding patients are being pressured to take these jabs despite very legitimate medical reasons not to. There are a variety of acute and chronic health conditions that ought to preclude many people from taking the shots. Nevertheless, medical professionals are now regularly using fear tactics to coerce the uninformed and unaware to receive these very harmful ‘vaccines’.
    In light of these realities, it ought to be self-evident that all of the conspiring entities listed at the top of this post had to work closely and in concert to pull off the “COVID CRIME OF THE MILLENNIUM”.
    However, it was the extraordinary cooperation throughout the American Healthcare System to commit medicide, and their ongoing criminal collusion with Big Pharma, that has distinguished this epic genocide as both doctor and nurse-inflicted with the Pharmaceutical Companies supplying the bioweapons.

    In point of fact, each and every healthcare practitioner who has injected the COVID-19 shots is responsible for the outcomes to their patients. Ignorance of the inherent risks and proven dangers associated with these vaccinations is absolutely no excuse for not being held culpable for the ensuing deaths and vaccine injuries.
    State of the Nation
    September 15, 2021

    A medical doctor professes hundreds of congressional lawmakers, family members and staffers have received Covid-19 preventative care that included an ivermectin regimen – and kept those facts from the American people.
    more >

    Look who is exempt from deadly covid vaccines in USA
    SOTN Editor’s Note: People, it doesn’t get more damning than the following “Exemption List”. This list of groups, organizations and parties is officially EXEMPT from taking any COVID-19 ‘vaccines’ … as ordered by the extraordinarily compromised, corrupt and criminal Biden Administration. Truly, if there is one piece of circumstantial evidence which proves that the various Covid injections, shots and jabs are extremely dangerous and deadly, this “Exemption List” is it.
    Please send this shocking “Exemption List” to EVERYONE you know—ASAP!