Australia Wide Rallies THIS Saturday 12 pm

If you’re not ready to stand up now, after 18 months of this…when will you be ready???

This is a must-watch. Very inspiring and motivating.

Honestly, what else is more important than fighting for our freedoms this weekend? None of the small stuff matters anymore.

We don’t have the luxury to sweat the small stuff right now…we must focus on the end goal…FREEDOM.

Get your text chain system ready…instructions here IPHONE ANDROID

There are also REGIONAL events planned for those who cannot make it to the major city events – SEE INFO HERE

Be mindful of the CHO directions in your area. This is a nationwide poster and there are plenty of states not under house arrest so that’s why we’re sharing this poster. It’s your responsibility to know the rules in your area. It’s my duty to inform my audience of upcoming events.



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