Melbourne KILL THE BILL rally photo album

Here’s a few snaps from today’s event in Melbourne. Most estimate there were 50,000 there/

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  1. @monica Thanks, great crowd today, despite the weather, I reckon maybe three to four times bigger than last weeks that I estimate was >20,000.  I notice that mainstream media was reporting 5,000 (SKY but ABC didn’t report on the event again)

  2. Hehe. Yes we’ll done Melbourne, sorry I couldn’t be there today, but in spirt I was. I’m supporting us all in this, let’s go Victoria and stand tall and strong ,we will defeat the incompetent Labor state leader know as the human disaster.

  3. I couldn’t be there as I live in SA, but I live every day in a state of vigilance as I see the effects of current controlling trends around the country. I know in my heart that the Victorian people will see this Bill is brought down. Keep up the great work.

  4. Thanks to those members of the Victorian and Federal parliament that attended this event, I personally saw Bernie Finn, Dr. Catherine Cumming and Craig Kelly, and I understand David Limbrick was also there. Does anyone know of any other politicians that attended this event?

  5. Ye I think there’s was at least 50k there
    Funny how there was 2 choppers overhead all day for maintstream media and they did not show once on TV a full birds eye view of the crow
    That tells you that they don’t want people to see how many really are there

  6. Mrs and I were proud to be there. We’ve recorded but not yet watched the channel 7 & 9 news from last night. We’ll watch to see what they say about the protest when we feel like a bit of “aggravation”. 🙂

    1. I’m not sure I couldn’t see them coz of the glare
      I just guest they where media
      But you never know these days who’s who in the zoo

  7. Well done to every single person! My rooster and I drove 2 hours to get there, then 45 mins to walk to library from car. We were exhausted with throat raw from loud chanting and dead beat by the time we got home — yet oh what a feeling of unity we enjoyed it so much! Head count matters – methinks the Labor may have had a sleepless night. I think we HAVE TO face up to the FACT it is NOT just about Dan….. every single Labor member has to know they have dropped the ball on this one.

  8. Bloody proud of the response to this oppressive bill, I estimate 100,000 easy. Mandates and Pandemic Bill, obscene, complete disregard for the intelligence of public. If anything should be mandated, it should be testing, to allow those who are WELL, to work, whilst the sick can rest and recover, whether a flu, covid, shingles ,whatever. Suppressing virus cold flu etc by using vax and off the shelf remedies, lines the pockets of pharma and allows the spread to continue, rather than address requirement to rest and recover. The duress caused by the conflict around vaccination is reprehensible and those responsible must be held to account.
    Choosing to vaccinate because you felt you no other choice is not FREE will, it is coercion. Violence against the psyche, causing sleeplessness, agitation , fear, anxiety, which can manifest as physical concerns ,like palpitations, angina etc. The ramifications for some families and social connections has been enormous.
    Dan Andrews stated the public responded to getting the vaccination after having a “bit of encouragement”, threats that will loose ones job is not encouragement, it is BLACKMAIL.