Introducing RDA advertising pilot program. 

We’re implementing ways to sustain RDA’s services without just donations as revenue.

We’re excited to see how this goes so we can help connect businesses and customers who want to spend their money in places that deserve it.

RDA will be rolling out new initiatives like this over the coming months, we’re evolving so we can continue to support those who need it.

See what I’m talking about on the homepage –

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  1. I would be very careful. Once you’ve accepted money you can’t go back and say you are totally independant and neutral.
    Del Bigtree from the highwire is adament no corporate sponsers so he can’ t be told what to investage or leave alone.
    The same with Dr Vernon Coleman ,UK. He once was asked to address an autism group and was asked to tone down anything about the autism / vaccine connection because a vaccine company was sponsoring them.
    When Dr Vernon asked why they had accepted money from the companies putting children at risk they said it was only a small amount. Dr Vernon replied that whether a woman charges $ 5000 a night or $ 50 a night , she is still a hooker.
    If you do go down that road screen people very carefully.