RDA app re-launch – Now only $1/year

We have paid back the initial costs of creating the app and can manage the ongoing monthly costs. 

So, we’ve decided to make RDAsocial more accessible to EVERYONE by making it only $1/year. The small fee keeps the trolls away (mostly) 😊

If telegram disappears one day, we want everyone to have a place to continue organising and communicating with each other.

How to make the most of your RDAsocial membership?

  • Click here to download the app for IPHONE or ANDROID.
  • Log on more often and check out the newsfeed. You’ll find it so relaxing to be able to post and interact without being bullied or trolled.
  • If you’re logged in, you can comment on news stories and posts.
  • Share the app with your friends so RDAsocialbecomes more fun and interactive for you, and them.
  • Move your current FB or telegram groups to RDAsocial so you know it’s safe. Just create a group and start inviting people to it. You can even message EVERY group member at once really easily and create group chats just like telegram, signal etc.
  • You can connect to your LOCAL community straight away by searching for your federal electorate name and joining that group (these groups are not political but we’re using federal electorates as a way to organise the groups into areas).

Already have RDAsocial?

If you are an ANDROID user and you’ve already installed the RDA app on your device, we suggest you delete it and re-upload it. We’ve made changes to the app but because the google play store has deleted our app, it won’t update for you. You’ll need to do it manually, you can re-install it from HERE

If you’re on an old price for RDAsocial or are still in your 6-month free trial, you can cancel your current subscription and re-subscribe at the new price. If you want to continue paying the same price, you don’t have to do anything.


See you on RDAsocial 😊

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