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RDA now has 470+ listings on our Business Directory, an easy to use directory of businesses that respect and honour an individual’s medical freedoms. Today we are featuring DHP Team! DHP Team specialise in domestic and commercial cleaning (NDIS, Workcare and TAC preferred and approved) DHP provide excellence in service, reliability, quality products and they always wear a smile.

*Pension rates available

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  1. The Victorian Government, has decided that after the 15th of December those who did not participate in the medical trials will still be punished. in NSW it looks like retail will be reopening up to both the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

    It will be wise for retail to apologise for the restrictions that they enforced on their customers, as us customers will remember the retail business that chose to segregate Australians for refusal to submit to medical trials.

    Understandable some business owners where scared of government reprisal for not enforcing state government segregation mandates, if these business apologise, I would be happy to return as a customer.

    Unfortunately, the Outgoing Premier of Victoria has deemed that even after the 15th of December. “Non-Essential Retail” must still enforce segregation towards the control group of this medical trial. Considering that the VIC Premier also punished the construction industry for protesting these policies. I am concerned about the welfare and mental health of the Victorian people who will still have their livelihoods further sabotaged by a rouge state premier.

    Before the pandemonic of the government mandates, my employment involved interstate travel between NSW and VIC. After the 15th of December it looks like I will be allowed to resume my work duties, and I would be able to spend my money in retail in NSW, but I will be still restricted in my work duties in Victoria, and I will not be allowed to spend my money in retail in Victoria.

    I am only half vaxed, where I had no negative side effects from this meidcal trial I have decided againt the second vax not for medical reasons, but for ethical reasons. the ANZAC’s fought against rouge governments who imposed medical trials on a massive population of people, in the sprit of what our ANZACS fought against, I have ethical concerns regarding medical trials enforced by threats and coercion.

    On the subject of the ANZAC’s, when a rouge government takes power it was only expected for Australians to visit and protest at a war memorial, to remind us that Australia one fought against enforced medical trials. What the Victorian Police did to Australians at our war memorials, such as shooting Australians fleeing one of our war memorial’s in the back with rubber bullets is an inexcusable and shameful era of Australian history. I expect justice for the attack on Australians at the war memoral!

    1. Well, scratch that. I just received an email from my employer. Either I submit my body and blood to drug trials or I will no longer be employed by my current employer. It feels, like the country that I was raised in was just a lie. It’s starting to feel like Australians are considered as nothing but Ginnie pigs for multibillion pharma companies. Now I am half vaxed and unemployed.

      It sucks when your very own government decides to punch down on you and sabotage your life because you refuse to submit your body to them, I was born in the wrong era. My life has been completely destroyed due to my refusal to submit my body to the government for medical experimentation!

      I can choose to be depressed about this, or angry about this. If I choose to be depressed, I might do something stupid that will make my family very sad. But if I choose to be angry, well….at least the anger is keeping me alive. I can not accept this, I will not just roll over in the gutter and die.

      1. Keep fighting black_swan. I’m so sorry about your job. I also lost my job because of the mandates, it sucks. 🙁 You’ve got strength to have resisted at a time when there’s so much pressure to just follow the narrative. You can hold your head up knowing you stood by your ethics despite all the public pressure. Hold onto your ethics, morals and values – don’t let them drag you down to their level!
        May God bless you.

        1. Thanks mate, at the moment all I can do is dip in to my super. The job I lost was only a casual job that saw me through my studies. I should be fine for a few weeks, but I’m just finishing trade school and I am concerned that I will not be allowed to enter the workforce in my chosen trade. Thes mandates have made things very difficult for students who work through their studies. Where I am very angry about what’s happening to us I understand that some people have lost even more. To hear reports of Victorians literally poring petrol on themselves and setting themselves on fire is very alarming! I have family in Victoria. How can these state Premiers can sleep at night, knowing what their mandates are doing to us? Someone must be paying off the Premiers or hackers might be blackmailing them. How can someone in power abuse their position of power and sabotage the lives of our fellow Australians?

          Anyway, thanks for your comment, Hopefully things inprove after the election.

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