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Woodburn Creatives

RDA Business Directory Spotlight– Woodburn Creatives | https://www.reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au/places/woodburn-creatives/

RDA now has 400+ listings on our Business Directory, an easy to use directory of businesses who will respect and honour individuals medical freedoms. Today we are featuring Woodburn Creatives! Woodburn Creatives is a shared workspace filled with creative practices located in Sydney, right between Central and Redfern station. This down-to-earth, quaint warehouse is a communal centre with 23 leased studios and a large common space for hire. There is a collection of disciplines showcasing a diverse range of skills including art, fashion, design to ceramic making and music production. Woodburn Creatives have made a space where you can feel inspired and supported by those around you to boost your creativity and business.

Check Woodburn Creatives out on the Business Directory today!

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  1. At last!!!!! There is somewhere to go where we won’t be discriminated against. Because from what I see when the unvaccinated people are out of lockdown the only difference will be how far we can travel. We still will not be able to go into cafes, restaurants etc etc. I would love to see cafes and other venues here in Sydney and suburbs, that will not discriminate, will stand up to the government. If all the businesses got together and just told Hazzard and the government NO! we will not do their illegal enforcements for them, surely something would have to give???? We are meant to be in this together – – – – yeah right!!!!!! the vaccinated and the non vaccinated, the non segregated and the segregated, the non discriminated and the discriminated.

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