RDA closing down?

It is with a heavy heart I inform you that RDA is on the brink of bankruptcy. You can see our profit/loss statements below. Over the last 10 months, we’re negative over $80,000

There is a question mark at the end of this statement because RDA can be saved, but it will be up to the people, not us.

Life changes, and needs change. I have sacrificed 3 years of my life on a $500/week wage while using my savings and depending on my parents’ support. I don’t regret a second of it, but it’s time I make tough decisions to protect my future. Being a public freedom fighter is stressful in itself with constant attacks, but to have financial stress on top of all that…it’s too much for one girl to carry.

Regardless of what happens, I will continue to maintain RDA’s online presence, but it won’t be consistent.

The facts are…we have no large investors, no government handouts or grants, and we pay tax and GST as if we were a normal company but we operate as a not-for-profit. There are countless financial obligations when employing people and owning a business, I just can’t keep up.

RDA was there for Australia when it needed us, perhaps it doesn’t anymore…which is completely fine. Instead of closing down with no notice, I thought I’d let you decide.

What will it look like if RDA closes down?

  • You will not get responses from the admin email boxes.
  • The phone line will be shut down.
  • Comments or messages on social media accounts won’t be checked.
  • RDA will not be able to support as many new initiatives, events or projects.
  • We won’t be able to launch new initiatives or continue some of the existing ones.
  • Community groups and other organisations will need to have an RDAconnect account so they can create their own events that will then appear on the RDA events page automatically. There won’t be staff to help promote those events or email local databases.
  • We will KEEP our online presence and I will still send out emails and do posts, but not regularly.

How can you save RDA?

  1. Sign up for monthly, or once-off support – CLICK HERE
  2. Get yourself an RDAconnect membership (you can post events, create groups and connect with locals). It’s clunky, but give it a try to save RDA. Sign on on the WEBSITE before downloading the app
  3. Sign up for the business directory
  4. Buy some merchandise

We will know the answer to this question simply by seeing, or not seeing your support.

I mean what I said in the video…I’m not attached to the outcome. I will accept whatever is meant to be.

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