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We are a bit late to the party on this one but hopefully this will help those who haven’t finalised their voting preferences yet.

If you print one good copy of your electorate’s card and take it to the polling booth, voters can simply scan the QR code and it will generate the same image directly to their phone. You can also blow them up as placards.

You can also screenshot your electorate’s HTV card and text or email them to your friends. SEE OUR MANUALS TO TEXT MESSAGE YOUR ENTIRE PHONE BOOK HERE

I want to let you know HOW we made these and what we took into account.

  1. At least 70% of these HTV cards are made by volunteers who have been on the ground and met the candidates face-to-face. These cards are not made with algorithms, they are personalised.
  2. We’ve given good independents favorable positions. We believe more independents in parliament would make for a more balanced decision-making process. They can think for themselves and don’t have to follow a party line.
  3. The majorslast website does not take into account the far-left leaning minor parties. We have put Liberals above these parties. The Liberal party is terrible, but these minor socialist parties are even worse.
  4. The majorslast website also does not take into account the climate200 independents. We have put them below the Liberal party, and sometimes even below Labor.

Note – some candidates/parties might be disappointed with their position on the cards. We have chosen to publish the preferences of our volunteers. We have given them the credit they deserve by not tampering with their suggestions.

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  1. This is just to let you know that you have lost all credibility with me and quite a few who did support you previously, as I did.

    Together with the totally discredited Fake Cossack (aka “Aussie Cossack”, you have attacked the party of one of the very few honest and courageous, politicians, CRAIG Kelly spreading falsehoods and when he responded in a video very straight and in detail, your collaborator, the fake Cossack, mutilated Craig Kelly’s video to a point, where it said exactly the opposite of what was Craig Kelly’s message, and published it far and wide. It seems to have disappeared now, but the damage is done and many have believed him and you.

    While you obviously want to get your boyfriend and yourself into the halls of power, you did not have to destroy the chances of your betters from your own side to achieve that.

    The rats in the ranks are the worst.

    1. Reading between the lines I think something has gone down…between RDA and UAP.  RDA was unbiased, but something seems to have changed. Have learnt from being a team leader for UAP that politics is a dirty game! But you have to keep faith in your own candidate and Leader. I don’t believe in jumping horses mid-race, and I hope for strength in numbers. Love your loyalty, hang in! 

    2. I don’t feel quite as strongly as you OzRita, but I think that there has definitely been a shift. I’m all for putting the majors last in an effect to de-corporatise politics as much as we can. That was the overriding theme. Now there seems to be a lot of “except for them – put the majors ahead of them”. It doesn’t sit quite as well. Personally I think RDA should’ve stayed away from how-to-vote cards all together.

  2. That’s a good idea.

    Things already have a totally different feel and energy from any previous election. I voted yesterday at a pre polling centre as I live far enough from a polling centre to be elegible.There were people from two freedom parties handing out how to vote cards, and I spoke to them for 20 min.The Lib/Labor/Green people didn’t offer me their cards and didn’t even answer when I said hello as I walked in.

    Every prevoius election they would all come up to you and if one was an overbearing type personality they would even try to force one into your hand even if you had said no thanks. I spoke to them again for 30 min after I had voted and watched what people were doing as they came in. Every voter who got cards off the freedom parties would speak to them for a while and every single major party voter would take their card and walk inside without a word.

    I wonder what the majors people will think about their party after a week of no one wanting to talk to them while they watch every one having long conversations with the freedom parties.

    It was also very interesting to watch what type of people got cards off what party. The more aware and healthy a person looked the more liable they were. to approach the freedom parties and vise versa.

  3. Can we get this going again? the people need to know how to vote for the next Federal & State elections. Is there a dedicated site created for this yet? If not, any volunteers want to start one?