RDA investigates – what’s going on with UAP’s How-to-vote-cards?

This article is not heresy or rumours. All the HTV cards in question are featured below, along with a video and some statements from UAP candidates. We would also like to put on record that we contacted most of the candidates whose HTV cards we are displaying and offered them a chance to include a statement. Three responded, and two gave a statement for us to publish.

I have personally lost sleep over this trying to figure out a way to not cause division while still sharing the facts. As a voter, we all deserve to know anything that might effect the way we vote. The truth should never be divisive because it just IS…the truth! Having a large platform is a huge responsibility and often we get ridiculed no matter what we do, so here goes.

I have personally reached out to candidates and Craig Kelly urging them to make changes to the HTV cards shown below. RDA has put pressure on them to follow through with their word and stay true to the UAP Mantra “you can never trust Liberals, Labor or Greens again”. Even MSM picked up on my tactics. READ HERE

Last Thursday, we shared the news that UAP has put major parties ahead of freedom candidates on some how-to-vote cards in lower house seats across Victoria, Tasmania and NSW, some being marginal seats.

We received quite a lot of backlash from this. RDA has spent the last month informing voters as best as we can, and it’s our responsibility to continue to do so. Some say this news is dividing the freedom movement, we would argue that UAP’s decision to do this at the last minute is causing the uncertainty, not those who are sharing the facts. It’s better you know the truth now instead of wondering why we didn’t tell you before you go to the polling booth. What makes it worse is that UAP have not given the public an explanation, instead they have sidestepped and gaslighted those asking questions.

This revelation won’t affect the amount of freedom party votes, it will only affect the order in which voters put the minor parties. We still consider UAP a freedom party, but we all deserve a clear explanation.

HTV cards are only a suggestion, and voters don’t have to follow them. However, around 50% of voters follow the HTV cards so it is very impactful and saying it isn’t…is another method they’ve used to downplay the situation.

One Nation has put some major parties ahead of freedom parties on some of their HTV cards, however, they never promised the voters they’d put them all last like UAP did. Pauline also explained her strategy publicly and never avoided the question.

RDA openly supported UAP late last year and has been supporting them with volunteers on the ground throughout their campaign. We were as shocked and confused as you were to find out they were putting major parties ahead of freedom parties on some of their HTV cards. We were also shocked to see that the Liberals put UAP second on their Victorian and Tasmanian senate HTV cards (see images below).

The question we’ve been left with is…was a deal made? And if it was, would anyone actually tell us the truth?

Many might say…“well, if they’re giving Liberals a hand up, it’s better than Labor”. Yes, I agree, but they’ve also put Labor ahead of freedom parties on the Copper HTV card. Secondly, if that was their strategy, why don’t they just tell us that?

Others might say…“it’s not big deal, it’s just a strategic move. They needed to do it so they can get into parliament…they can’t do anything if they’re not in there”. If that’s the case, why not just tell us that?

Strategic or not, making deals with the ‘devil’ in order to win is far from ethical and will never end well. If you compromise your morals once, it’s a slippery slope.  

Many of us, including RDA, put our faith in UAP, especially when Craig Kelly joined forces with Clive Palmer. We defended Clive’s past shady business deals, dismissed his past dealings with the Liberal Party in the 2019 election, and believed that a man could change.

Instead of admitting the truth, UAP has tried to gaslight us by pointing out how great their senate HTV cards are, while completely dismissing the marginal seats where they have put major parties in favourable positions. Watch from 3 minutes onwards…Clive Palmer avoiding Paul Murray’s direct questioning about this.

On the UAP website, their senate HTV cards are there for all to see, but they don’t display the lower house HTV cards…why? SEE HERE

There are mainstream media articles written about this too. United Australia party directs preferences to Coalition in key marginal seats

Was it a printing error? Was it an administrative error? Or is it exactly how it looks…a deal?

We are all still waiting for answers.

Craig Kelly made a video supposedly debunking these rumours. However, he completely left out the truth by only referring to their senate HTV cards. He didn’t lie, but he also didn’t tell the whole truth…which is arguable just as bad.

I still believe Craig is an honourable man but has Clive compromised his ethics, just like the Liberal party did? Is he unable to tell us the truth because of Clive’s influence over him?

The real victims in this are the candidates who were blindsided and sent boxes of HTV cards late last week with major parties ahead of freedom ones. Imagine the shock they got after campaigning to put the majors last for months. The other victims are the UAP members who signed up with the vision to disrupt the duopoly. What about the volunteers who spent countless hours helping the candidates in the lead up to the election only to find out they were expected to hand out these dodgy HTV cards at the polling booths?

There are some incredibly brave UAP candidates who have printed their own HTV cards because they didn’t agree with the ones UAP sent them. I respect them highly and encourage you all to support candidates who you think are unable to be manipulated or controlled by the ‘party machine’.

Before I show you the HTV cards, I just want to say that I am sorry if you find this distressing, I do too! I am also sorry if RDA’s support for UAP led you down the wrong path. I accept full responsibility for this mistake and I can openly admit to you that I was also blindsided. To understand more about my journey with UAP, read my open letter to Clive Palmer HERE.

I would also like to note that we have not come across any bad HTV cards in only other states except VIC, TAS and NSW.

Anthony Bellve (Casey UAP candidate)

His HTV card was dodgy, so he printed his own. Good on him!

It is now time to take back our freedom and rights, which is why my how to vote card places the freedom candidates ahead of the majors. From the start of my campaign, I said that I will always put the people of Casey first and I am now backing up my words with my actions. Ultimately though, it is you the voter who gets to decide this and where your preferences go”.  

Rebekah Spelman (Aston UAP candidate)

“People must remember that the power of their vote is theirs alone. No preference deal can override your vote; preference deals are nothing more than suggestions. 
So when you fill in your ballot, think about the individual candidates rather than the party, because a party is just a vehicle for individuals to get to Canberra. We need good people in those seats on our Parliament.
Number the boxes on the ballot how YOU see fit, and vote for the individual candidate that represents your values. When these candidates are elected they will be representing you and working to ensure that the atrocities of the last 2 years are never able to be repeated.”

First, have a look at the Liberal HTV cards for the senate in VIC and TAS.

Then, have a look at these lower house HTV cards from UAP in the same states where they’re second on the Liberal’s HTV cards.

Holt, VIC
Braddon, TAS

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    1. I’ll watch it later when I got reception

      Cossack is a cock, mate, a real uneducated fat fuck who likes fascism. RDA are so much more on point with their policies! Pro freedom and anti-law not FASCism

    2. Excuse me but where is there one ballot paper for the whole state? Check out Aston, Chishom, LA Lobe, Dunkely, Flynn, Cooper, Dobell, Holt. Each electorate has their own how to vote cards which Reignite has gone out of their way to show you. So please ask Craig, that if he is going to accuse others of being liers is he actually being totally honest himself? One thing that politicians are very good at is evading the truth, and I am sorry but sadly neither Craig Kelly or Clive Palmer are the exception. One thing that should be noticed here is that neither UAP or One Nation will put their differences aside for the benefit of the peoples of our nation. So what does that tell you? Vote the smaller minor parties first, that is what it tells me. Truth be told they are the ones who have done all the hard work and have been fighting in the trenches for us. So that is where my loyalties will lie and I hope and pray that many others think the same way and don’t buy into the political game which in the past has got us no where.

    1. Hey it’s only $300k give em a brake Scotty scrotem man stole $200 mil

  1. We do deserve answers Mon, where did all of the money go? An engagement ring couldn’t have cost that much? $400,000 really? it will be a grand wedding, are we all coming like you promised

  2. Sorry Mon, looks like people are emotional and nervous about this election. I’ve been skepical for a long while regarding UAP considering they are almost like the LNP 2.0 on every other policy than vaccines. Classic honey pot scheme. The pandemic issue is a big one but people are blindly trusting Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer on other issues that count (housing affordability, immigration, inflation ect.) and they will vote with the coalition most of the time on issues that affect the upper class. Nothing will change for us and we will be in a slighly worse version of Australia prior to 2020 with a sprinkle of a bio-dystopian state. MCJ made the right choice leaving UAP but it’s a beautifully executed honey pot by Australias ruling class to ensure the ALP doesn’t get into power and keep the status quo. I do believe that you have the best interest of people in mind, but unfortunately you (and many other gold hearted fellow Australians) have been conned into supporting big business and big money – one way or another.

    1. You are obviously unfamiliar with their other policies. It is easy to look their policies re ICAC, bill of human rights, housing interest rates, aussie superannuation, fuel tax, HECS debts, manufacturing, energy, etc. Go do some research and get back to me on exactly how they are Liberal 2.0