RDA Original – Yet Again, Government Untrustworthy to Handle Your Personal Information

On Tuesday 28th of December, the Herald Sun[1] exposed yet another act of deceitfulness by the Andrews government. However, this news is not surprising to us in the least, but it is our duty to highlight the fact that they want our personal information, and it’s not for the benefit of our health.

Tuesday’s news is just a blip on the radar when it comes to their overall plan to own you by knowing everything about you including your health information. The Victorian government has budgeted for reform of both Pathology and Mental Health in Victoria. As part of this planned reform, the government posted a tender that closed in November 2021 seeking to procure a solution, where our personal health information will be owned exclusively by the Department of Health and hosted by Microsoft Azure. This system is currently called the Health Information Exchange or HIE.

The HIE is not the only activity we need to keep an eye on here. The HIE is proposed to support the rollout of the Health Legislation Amendment (Medicare Compliance and Other Measures) Bill 2021 for example. This bill is just another level of deceit from Dan Andrews and his collaborators. The bill is currently under scrutiny as it seeks to reverse the definition of “burden of proof“. i.e. normally the prosecution would hold the burden of proof, and the defendant would be innocent until proven guilty. If this bill passes, the defendant will be guilty with the charges laid before them, and they must provide evidence to disprove the accusations. Let that information sink in for a minute…..

In addition to the above, the bill seeks to amend the Health Insurance Act 1973 (Health Insurance Act), the National Health Act 1953 (National Health Act) and the Dental Benefits Act 2008 (Dental Benefits Act). All of this to “protect the viability of Medicare”, but be aware, the majority of the bill is targeted at also changing the meaning of numerous offences.

So here it is in a nutshell:

  1. The Department of Health will have full control of your medical records to do as they see fit.
  2. Microsoft Azure will be the hosting platform.
  3. The government’s health reform package means that they will be able review anyone’s data at any time and accuse anyone that they believe has committed an offence under the government’s amended legislation.

Main takeaways:

  1. Our government is making a complete mockery of the Mental Health system across Australia with lockdowns, medical apartheid, no job no pay policies. Why would we trust that they can make it better?
  2. Microsoft Azure is owned by Bill Gates. He and Microsoft cannot be trusted to host your personal information.
  3. The government cannot be trusted to keep your information private as we found out in the news SKY NEWS. They have done it time and time again. When do we say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

The Major Parties must go!

End of Story!

[1] https://apple.news/AYbjKzPkoQ_2DfwHn8cUsbg

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