Interview with Psychologist Ros Nealon-Cook

We interview Ros Nealon-Cook, a registered psychologist who recently spoke about the harm being
done by the government’s lockdowns and restrictions.

Since making those videos, Ros has been called up to the Australian Health Practitioners Regulatory
Authority (AHPRA) today 23rd September to face a hearing, but she stays strong in her conviction that someone had to do it for the health and safety of us all, and particularly for our children.

In this interview, Ros shares some background to the psychological condition facing so many of us
right now – the trauma experienced by so many – and particularly those from bushfire affected
communities. She tells of her initial fear of the ‘pandemic’, what changed her mind and compelled
her to speak out, how far that’s gone, and some guidance on how we can be kind to ourselves and
others at this time.

You can watch her other videos here:
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