We would like to reiterate our gratitude for your support of this announcement.

With UAP in the driver’s seat and every single one of you by our side, we will restore our country’s God-given rights and freedoms. We will not rest until we are all free!



Monica Smit’s comments regarding the new union

I am the Vice President of the newly formed political party, RDA Party. We received so much support with over 1,000 memberships in a short period of time. I am so grateful to the committee, and to the loyal members who believe in our vision for a strong, free and independent Australia.

We are all absolutely committed to seeing this vision through till the end. Australia used to be considered one of the most free and liveable countries in the world, now we make headlines because of tyranny and government overreach.

I have dedicated the last year to help Australians maintain individual and collective liberty. Although the fight is far from over, I will be with you till the end.

With the help of my staff and public support, the Reignite Democracy Australia organisation is now over 75,000 subscribers strong and has gained over 100,000 followers on other platforms. RDA has a business directory, a social media platform, over 100 community groups and plenty of resources that have helped empower and enlighten thousands of Australians during a very difficult time.

The authorities made a strong statement when they arrested me and tried to impose some of the most onerous bail conditions my legal team had ever seen. I was unable to sign the original conditions because they breached my personal rights and those of everyone who depends on RDA. It would have gravely affected the livelihoods of my employees and shut down all the community groups which provide invaluable mental and emotional support to thousands of Australians.

After spending 22 days in solitary confinement, we appealed the bail conditions in the Supreme court and won. I can now continue my work with even more vigour.

It seems only logical that their main purpose was to silence me and RDA. I am happy to inform you that it has done the exact opposite. We now have an international profile and are even better equipped to continue our fight for liberty
and the restoration of our Human Rights.

My time in prison was not in vain, and I was honoured to make a stand for every single one of you. Not only did they fail to break me, but their heavy hands have made our collective message stronger and louder.

Everything that I and RDA do, is for the overall benefit of the country, not ourselves. With that in mind, we have decided to back and work closely with United Australia Party. The RDA Party, which has already made national news and headway, has decided to join UAP. With the lobbying capabilities of the RDA Family and the support and expertise of Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer, I believe our vision of a strong, free and independent Australia is inevitable.

RDA, as an organisation, will fully support UAP, however, we will still have the flexibility to support good candidates from other parties if we want.

This is not a decision made under duress or obligation, it is simply the right thing to do for our country’s collective fight for liberty.

I want to thank United Australia Party for their support and leadership. They now have the most party members in the country. Together, we have a real chance at a historical government shift that will change our future.

I hope the RDA Party members join UAP so we can all make history together. All memberships and donations made to RDA Party will be refunded.

A quote I came up with in prison is…” during times of psychological warfare, collective courage of conviction will be our strongest weapon”.

With UAP in the driver’s seat and every single one of you by our side, we will restore our country’s God-given rights and freedoms. We will not rest until we are all free!

Monica Smit

From Craig Kelly

“I congratulate Monica on putting the best interests of the nation ahead of her political ambitions to create a new party to ‘Reignite Democracy’ – because it certainly needs reigniting.

No one should ever forget how the bail laws of the state of Victoria were abused by Victorian Police to put her in jail as a political prisoner of the Andrews Regime.

There are many honourable people advocating for new smaller parties to try and break the duopoly, and I salute them and wish them well.

However, the $100 million taxpayer funding that Labor/Liberal duopoly has gifted themselves to run elections, leaves us with the reality that only the United Australia Party has the firepower needed in terms of resources to take them on in the coming Federal election.

The reality is, this next election could be the last opportunity we have to break the Labor/Liberal duopoly that has inflicted so much harm upon our nation. Therefore, we have a historic task ahead of us, and we may not get a second chance.”


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  1. Brilliant!!!  I was hoping SO MUCH this would happen – well done Monica. Bravo – a most prudent move indeed and with Craig Kelly at the helm with all  his political experience, let’s hope AUP is the first across the line next election👏👏👏

  2. Something big like this had to happen and congrats. to all.
    Interestingly, this announcement is on the same day that
    a Minister has resigned from Andrews govt. because of
    branch stacking!!! Hopefully more whistleblowers will
    come forward and this is the start of Andrews downfall.

  3. This gives us all realistic hope for the future – a future with the freedoms and liberties we have known, but better! Thank you RDA, UAP, Monica & Craig! X

  4. I’m not real happy this has happened. Sure Craig has done a good job recently. But remember he was a fully committed Liberal for many years before that. Monica on t he other hand has built RDA from the ground up, with people who will not be easily veered off course from the truth. Isn’t this move just going after Palmers money? Don’t you think people and the media will see right through this and ridicule the lot of us, this losing all the the goodwill we have gained? I am disappointed in Monica for giving in to money like this. Fact is, we didn’t ever need Palmer before (Who I wouldn’t trust as far as o could throw him) and the we don’t need him now. Better to create an alliance rather than join UAP and lose the independence RDA so strongly seeks. Bad idea. Rethink this Monica before it’s too late. I would have put my hand up as a candidate for RDA and been very strong indeed in Ballarat (Catherine Kings strong lefty-labor heartland!) But not now.

    1. Frankly Paul, if this is enough for you to turn your back on the party then it’s probably best we didn’t run you as a candidate.

      The UAP and RDA have very similar goals and very similar values and I don’t think this is about money this is about conserving our resources.

      As the old saying goes: There are some people who will capsize the boat if they aren’t the captain; best not to let them in your boat.

    2. I tend to agree with you. I do not know much about Craig Kelly but I would have prefer that RDA retains its independence a bit longer before aligning with a political Party such as the United Australia Party. I am more than disappointed but rather saddened by this move. I dont thing that RDA will gain anything out of it except a huge amount of credibility.

    3. I’m disappointed that you’re disappointed. There is nothing wrong with Clive Palmer – The system is dodgy. At the start of thepanedmic ivermectin and HCQ were banned by TGA to treat covid. Why would they ban these cheap, safe and effective remedies and make them unavailable? This is where I get the first inkling of a deception. Clive Palmer imported a large amount of HCQ into Australia which was confiscated by TGA. Why? I think Clive has had his finger on the ulse all along, and this to me is the real issue – they’re forcing everybody towards the vaccines rather than any safe effective prolaxysis treatment. Its just all a bit ddodgy.

      1. More than dodgy, it is GENOCIDE. It is global controlled depopulation and our country has been sold out. Let us not mince words.

    4. I agree with you, Monica belief in what you and RDA were doing is all that matters, the rest takes care of itself, when the intention is an honourable one. If there is already international acknowledgement of RDA, then doesn’t that speak volumes. Respect comes to mind.

    5. I have mixed feelings about this move by RDA. It is a political move and money is important in politics. Clive seems sincerely to be working for the good of Australians, and Craig has been doing good things to combat the abuses of power during the pLandemic – BUT only last year Craig voted FOR the Bill that allows foreign troops into Australia in “an emergency” (too vague) and that gives them complete immunity no matter what they do! Possibly one of the most unnecessary and dangerous pieces of legislation imaginable. So, I do not trust Craig.
      Look up what ex-military Riccado Bosi (from AustraliaOne Party) has to say about it.

    6. I understand your feelings but which ever way you want to look at it we do need Clive Palmers money. Lib and Lab have used tax payers money forever to promote their election lies and are never held accountable for when they make promises and then change their minds once elected. Politics is a very rough business and shortly after being elected the new parliamentarians will be visited by ‘someone’ with brief case full of money, a bribe to be called in when ‘they’ want a certain vote. If not money then they had better make sure they don’t get their drink spiked and find some compromising pictures in the mail. We need a complete change of Government to get rid of the corruption, controlling factions etc. Most of our public are main stream media educated and scared of change or voting in a way other than what their parents did. Most don’t even know the difference between the upper and lower house. It will take a huge amount of advertising to get our message out. An alliance would probably confuse most voters. A very strong and clear campaign needs to be fought.

  5. This is fantastic news and I suspect there was already a lot of cross over between RDA and UAP.

    Congrats on keeping the eye on the prize and coming to this agreement.

  6. I applaud your decision. I joined the UAP when I saw Craig Kelly stand up in parliament touting Ivermectin. He is one of the very few courageous politicians out there. In regards to my membership and donations to RDA, I’d rather the money be kept and used for promotion, legal cases and support against mandates etc. Thank you for all the work you do 🙂

  7. That’s great Monica. I love the work of Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer and I think this decision of yours is a good one. It is better that we join up with others who are on the same page as us, to be stronger. Yes you may be putting aside your own political aspirations however life has a way of turning things around when you truly are following the path you believe is yours. So thanks for sharing, thanks for enduring 22 days in solitary confinement for us (I pray that that brought about some amazing blessings for you) and I am so glad we are partnered now with such great people. Best regards Kristine in Thornlie WA

  8. Unfortunately I don’t feel we Australians will be able to “vote” them out. Australia too uses dominion voting machines, I just can’t trust that my vote will be counted. We Just saw the likes of California and Canada tyrants get re elected using the same machines. Over 52% of Californians supported the recall and yet Newsom won by a bigger margin then he originally got into office. How is RDA and UAP going to correct this for us Australians?

  9. This is great news . Also need to get Aussie Cossack to joins you . He’s got a very solid following . They let him out of jail after one night, supposedly because his followers hounded the cops so much !

    1. Yes, definitely support this, Simeon is so powerful and a true blue Aussie that has the hearts and voices of the people of Australia and Sydney,.

  10. This is just crazy what’s going on now. 

    The deadly jab is all part of the big plan that’s been coming for 37 years. All carefully plotted for the purposes of culling humanity with precision. At first the oldies go. We see them dropping now. Oh sure they say it’s the virus but it’s THE JAB!!

    I have a friend who works in the hospital and he says that EVERY death there is someone fully vaxxed! Coincidence?? NO!

    And Dan Andrew’s is reportedly a shareholder in the AstraZeneca vaccine which is OBVIOUSLY why he kept pushing for people to take the AstraZeneca!!

    I’ve been telling my friends and family this all along. They reckon I’m loony, but everything fits into place! 

    It’s all part of a big plan worked out amongst all the leaders across the western world. Dubbed ‘The century of the cull’ and written BY Bill Gates (his former PA) revealed this in an interview with Piers Morgan several years back according to my sources. 

    Watch your backs people. This is the beginning of the biggest upheaval in history!

    Grab as much dunny paper as you can because there’s gonna be some serious shortages real soon and you don’t wanna be left short when the shit hits! 

  11. Must have been difficult to let your “baby go” like that that’s been built from the ground up.
    We have a much better chance now at the 2 Vic elections in 2022; it’s the correct choice.
    You and Craig will inspire the nation I’m sure!

  12. That is a very smart move, we need all the little groups banding together with a bigger and more financially secure party like UAP, then we have the ppl power to over power the Libs or Labor,… XXX

    1. We have already a nuclear reactor in the middle of Sydney , there is also different cleaner ways of developing nuclear power if you NOT going to make weapons , nuclear fusion is dirty mainly because of the military interest in plutonium (Weapons grade )

  13. Good decision , may be some common sense & clear thinking does still exist . Emagine if all other like minded independent & pro private enterprise current members could also add their strength ??

  14. I am already a UAP member and fully support Monica’s endorsement of UAP. This is the way forward, to indeed Reignite Democracy Australia. As Craig says let’s reunite to rid ourselves of the duopoly of the Liberal/Labor. We should do all we can to bring change to this wonderful country that has descended into a tyrannical regime, driven by out of control politicians who know longer represent the values and beliefs of Australians.

  15. Great move! I’m already a UAP member.
    I have some questions about UAP, and some issues that are important to me, notably UAP’s position on abortion, a big one for me and I’ve yet to hear from UAP on that. However, the plandemic is the big issue for now, and I support UAP and RDA on that.

  16. Brilliant move Monica and team. As a RDA member I totally agree and will join UAP. I was hoping you would do that. Another excellent innovation which is making RDA a group to be reckoned with. Keep it up.

  17. I love how Craig Kelley has supported vaccine choice and has stood bravely on many issues in the past few months. HOWEVER, Clive Palmer is a completely different issue. For example Clive believes that nuclear power is the way to go. I think there is alignment between UAP and RD on some issues but what about the many other issues that will also have major consequences on the way this country moves forward? You may win the battle over vaccine mandates BUT what happens when the person holding the purse strings is driving agendas in other areas that are not democratic? I wonder if you really know what you just decided to do?

    1. Hi Nabben There are different technologies to develop nuclear power the problems are that most countries that are nuclear power nations choose the cheapest and that also can produce WEAPONS grade plutonium which are the dirtiest , we don t have to go that way ,Cheers .

  18. Good move. First, unite to destroy the Plandemic and corrupt Globalist infiltration into our shores.
    Focus on a Great Reset of our own. Then sort out this other minor issues.
    The four pillows of FREEDOM Craig mentioned are the key here we all agree on.
    Monica, keep my money for your costs incurred thus far. i will join the AUP regardless.

  19. Hi Monica,
    Kellys claim of UAP’s loss because of preferences last time is a poor excuse for the fact that Clive Palmer has a huge credibility gap. Monica it’s as much about perception. First thing to do is get Clive out of the spotlight…otherwise in an environment where trust is scarce and people are fearful, people will not turn to him, if he’s the leader. He has to take responsibility for the damage he’s inflicted and step aside. Somehow I doubt if he’ll do that. If he does then your fresh face is the best thing THEY have going forward. Do not discount what you bring to the table. Remember money corrupts policy.

    1. Ture Kim but we are all human, I had the same feeling but we all make mistakes in life & we need to forgive. Hopefully, Clive Palmer also has learned a lesson from all the wrong things he has done.

  20. Hey my beautiful warrior Monica,
    You beat me. Because I was going to send you an email asking RDA to consider we join with UAP.
    I am so excited Gail. (today segregation day 11/10/21) is a very sad day for me (went to Kmart not allow because no Vax) so I am going to fight until I die to take my Australia back from this corruption evils.
    This is a great move I am so excited. I will be putting my hands up for this. Let’s keep going.

  21. Craig Kelly’s gonn eat you guys up. You’re just his tools. He doesn’t give a rats about you or anyone in RDA. He’s a snake. 

    You have money now. He wants it. It helps boost his campaign. There’ll be a rift between you guys within 12 months. Dirt will fly.

  22. I am a founding member of the Ballina/Byron/Lismore group ( formed less than 3 months ago ) and our numbers have been exploding. I joined the United Australia Party yesterday. Many have worked towards an outcome like this for years. Thank God for people like Monica, Craig, Clive and many behind the scenes for bringing this to fruition. Anyone wanting to apply for membership of our local RDA can phone 0427932630 and I will put them onto our President. Thank God for you 3 people in particular. Ricardo and Pauline should take note. United we will stand.

  23. Great News. Together you have a much better chance of making a real difference in the sad political
    situation in what used to be a Democratic country. Wishing Craig and Monica and all the supporters who are fighting this despicable tyranny, all the best for the future. KEEP STANDING !

  24. Congratulations Monica and Craig! This is an answer to the prayers of many. Remember the old adage, “United we stand, divided we fall” We will continue to pray for the strength and growth of the party and for a significan,t and hopefully, election winning platform that will bring Australia back to the values held dear by previous generations and those who still believe in freedom. God bless and keep you all.

  25. Great move, Monica! Pool your resources to make sure we get our freedoms back and get on with our lives and livelihoods and get our country back on track. I’ve just joined the UAP too!

  26. Hi,

    I think alliances at the moment are the way to go forward, i have followed Clive Palmer a lot recently and he appears to be constantly challenging the status quo and attempting to make top politicians answerable. His alliance with Craig Kelly was a match made out of necessity and together they are asking questions in places a lot of people can not ask them, like Parliament.

    So your alliance with them gives you a larger window into what is possible, and you might be able to keep them from concentrating on their own self gains, which to be honest they do not aoppear to be doing to much of at the moment.

    BUT the party needs to expand still, and there are lots of independants and smaller parties fighting good causes as well, like George Christenson, Health Australia Party and so on.

    I think this can be a massive positive, onward and forward

  27. This is great news and is something that had crossed my mind for a long time as the strength in numbers is crucial will equal more seats. Well done Monica, Morgan and the whole RDA team.
    Note: you know you have done the right thing when the paid political “shills” come on board here and start their divide and conquer tactics. It’s a pity we can’t screen them out.

  28. I support this 100% as no matter how much dedication it would take years and years for RDA to make any substantial change to policies and laws. This is a serious catapult to the controlling vote. Monica is making the right move. She will not bend her ethics and will be able to contribute much to UAP as she brings us all together to save this country and our families from the inevitable tyranny that is upon us.

  29. The Left and Right wing of our current two party preferred system will be in fear of UAP and therefore expect and be prepared for dirty tricks and lots of attacks. They won’t relinquish their power easily and with what has happened globally I suspect there are huge monied powers behind them. Do not underestimate just how bad this could be and the MSM is also with them.

  30. I don’t believe this was necessary, selling out to further a cause demonstrates a lack of faith and belief in what one is doing. It was mentioned the profile has reach OS and is gaining momentum, I would have expected at the very least consultation with members who had faith and belief in the shopfront. I couldn’t give a toss about political persuasions, I do subscribe to standing for something and owning it. Support will always find a way of making an entrance, like I was demonstrated by joining RDA. This sell out diminishes the authenticity of the original ideal.

  31. Well done. I too was hoping this would happen and that people could put aside individual ambitions for the greater good of combining limited forces. Thanks and congrats to Monica for being such a decent person and showing such great leadership.

  32. Hi there,
    I have signed up for Craig Kelly at AUP. Also have passed this to few of my friends to help. We need as much help as we can. Also like to become a member.

  33. Good morning all , i live in the remote kimberleys of Western Australia . My main concerns atm are that as RDA is not a political party as defined in the “RULES” , then we will need to %100 rely on the AUP for governance if we are successful at election time ? My most biggest concern is that if the UAP are not successful at election time , and all of the ”EGGS ARE IN ONE BASKET ” , then who will Clive give the votes to ? , if it is one of the MAJOR PARTIES , then i withdraw both of my support to both entities RIGHT NOW !! .PLEASE CONFIRM WHAT IS GOING HAPPEN TO THESE VOTES ,Barry Horsman .

  34. We are still waiting to hear about why Craig Kelly was one of the politicians who signed off on a bill to allow foreign military into our country, who will have no consequences of their actions against the Australian people. We are still waiting to hear from Craig Kelly what he and of course yourself Mon, plan to do about the 90 year suppression order to protect 28 high profile pedophiles in our country, including politicians and a former prime minister. You say you have all of these members, are they paid members or are they just supporters? I thought you were doing a great job and was in full support of you and the RDA, even more so when you were a political prisoner in our own (not so) free country, but to merge with UAP, you’ve lost me and will be Riccardo all the way.