RDA’s plan for the upcoming federal election

Media Release – 17th February 2022

The upcoming federal election is our chance to get our country back! We only have a few months, and we need to make it count.

No matter which party or independent you choose to support, spread your message with understanding, patience, and empathy.

It’s time to research your local candidates, attend events and get to know them. Decide who you want to back and start helping!

With the large audience and community network RDA has built over the last two years, we will be able to make a positive impact in this election. From education, letterbox dropping, and phone canvassing, we will do whatever we can to inform and educate the masses.

The Labor/Liberal duopoly must be disrupted, and you can be a part of that!

We have been tortured by our leaders across all departments. Many have lost faith in our police, doctors, politicians, religious leaders, educators, and more. Who can we trust? Who do we put our feet on the ground for?

Is there a perfect party? Probably not. Is any party better than the majors? Heck yes! If we can take power away from either Labor, Liberal, Greens, or Nationals…it will make history and hopefully protect our liberties now and in the future.

RDA’s core message during the upcoming federal election is to put the major parties LAST. There are several minor parties willing to do what it takes to disrupt the duopoly; RDA supports them all in different ways.

We have created a webpage specifically for voting tips and education. We will continue to update this page to help keep you informed. You can see it HERE.

We will be organising general volunteering options that are not party-specific. If you want to sign up for that volunteering, you can do so HERE

The federal election looming has already caused a lot of division within our community. Remember, we are all fighting for the same thing…to maintain individual and collective liberty. No matter which party you choose to support, be understanding of other people’s choices too. A well-working democratic society allows debate and differences in opinion. These differences don’t need to divide us, they can make us stronger and more diverse.

We’ve got this RDA! We’ve been working hard for two years to become a strong collective voice. This is our time to step it up to ensure hard-working, good, and deserving Australians get to be our voice from now on.

Monica Smit

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  1. Create own government, never mind the two big ones. Also, the next big ones and the small ones. Just create own government by the people, for the people. Simple.