RDA’s second email to SPC

We believe in second chances. If they’re watching mainstream media every day…they might actually think mandating vaccines is what people want.

Maybe they didn’t know people like us existed?
Maybe they actually think they’re protecting their employee’s health?

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt and see how they respond to our second email.

You know the saying…”you catch more bees with honey…” 🙂


“Hello again. 

This is Monica Smit from RDA. We have a following of over 51,000 subscribers and many more across our social media accounts. 

Yesterday we gave you a chance to consult with some doctors regarding the vaccine so that you would be more informed about the implication of forcing your employees to have the vaccine. You did not reply. 

We believe in body autonomy, which means, EVERYONE has the right to choose what they put into their body (with no coercion or manipulation). If staff want the vaccine, that is entirely their choice. However, to give employees who depend on your pay check an ultimatum that they take the vaccine or lose their job is not lawful, and quite frankly, it’s irresponsible. 

For them to make informed decisions, they first need to be INFORMED. We have doctors willing to consult with you and all your employees before they make that decision.

Will you be liable for adverse reactions and possible death? 

We have launched campaigns raising awareness about what you’re doing. We have also started a petition on our page which is now over 1000 people who say they will never buy your products again. 

If you change your mind and consult with the doctors, I will inform all our followers that you are receiving proper advice and are considering your options. If you change your mind, we will support you and encourage our followers to as well. 

As humans, we all make mistakes, and we all deserve a second chance if we admit our mistakes and endeavour to rectify them. We will 100% give you a second chance. Please reconsider. 

Please let me know.”

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  1. Im with you Mon,,,I have found at every twist and turn with COVIDIANS!….They don’t act until pushed!!….just like AUS populalation is coerced to Wear mask!!!…GET TESTED!!!,….Get VAXED with experiment JAB….What a bunch of NUTJOBS!!,…When will science be true????

  2. Im so sorry for employees of SPC…It only a matter of time before sleeping Aus wakes up!!!…I hope we wake up for you and your kids future…I will not go quietly…I will stand right up until im physically forced by a scumbag who try’s to jab me…and then scumbag will understand NO ENFORCEd JAB on me comes without consequences.    I consider a forced jab on me as a threat to my life and I will respond like sleeping lion who WAKES UP!!!

  3. If my employer tries this I will refuse – rather lose my job than my health. If they are worried about people spreading covid, they could issue them with ivermectin, that is an effective prophylaxis.

    Article 7 prohibits torture, cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and non-consensual medical or scientific treatment.[25] As with Article 6, it cannot be derogated from under any circumstances.[18] The article is now interpreted to impose similar obligations to those required by the United Nations Convention Against Torture, including not just prohibition of torture, but active measures to prevent its use and a prohibition on refoulement. [26] In response to Nazi human experimentation during WW2 this article explicitly includes a prohibition on medical coercion and scientific experimentation.

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