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RDASocial members are provided a censorship-free social platform which includes the brand new RDA app to stay engaged and up to date with our community anywhere, anytime. Being able to interact, share posts, events, photos, videos and documents to fellow members to keep everyone in the loop about current issues.

RDASocial Network Platform Benefits

Censorship Free

RDASocial network platform is built by Australians for all voices will be heard and Free Speech adhered to.

Online Community

An online community enables members to connect and engage with each other on topics within forums and groups.

Member Profiles

Members can upload an avatar, edit profile information, view their profile or other members’ profiles.

User Invites

Members can send invites to their contacts as new users to encourage conversation.

Event Posting

Members can submit their own events on the RDASocial calendar so that other members can see the events posted in the news and find out the details on the Calendar.

Troll Free

One of the biggest reasons for RDASocial is to remove the trolls and allow for discourse on current events that are affecting our members. By charging a fee to use this platform we are likely to be troll-free.


Members receive notifications for various events, such as when someone mentions them in the activity feed, another member sends them a friendship request, and more.

Social Feeds

Members personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting and @mentions.

Social Groups

Members can join groups, post in the group activity, participate in group forums, and view other group members.

Photos Albums & Media

Members can upload photos to their activity feed and forums and can share media from their phone, on the go.

Group Messaging

Members can start a group messaging thread or have a 1-on-1 with members who belong in the same group.

Document Uploads

You can stay engaged and up to date with your community by uploading and sharing documents, including groups.

Private Messaging

Members can send private messages to other members.

Please Purchase an RDASocial Membership below and then download the App and use the same logins to Sign In.

RDASocial Membership Plans

Monthly Membership

Free 1st Month Trial
$ 5.50 Per month
  • You get full access to the RDASocial platform - Censorship Free! Cancel anytime with the first 30days trial free.
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Annual Membership

Free 1st Month Trial
$ 44 Per year
  • You get full access to the RDASocial platform for a year - Censorship Free! Cancel anytime with the first 30days trial free.