RETRACTION – Read Martin Foley’s response to the vaccine mandates

UPDATE 12 NOV – this was not a reply from Martin Foley, it was from the Department of Health. We apologise for this confusion.

An automated response from Martin Foley’s office.

These are the two sentences that stand out the most.

Vaccination is not mandatory in Victoria, but requirements to be fully vaccinated as a condition of working, entering various premises or events.”

Individuals can choose to remain unvaccinated against COVID-19, however this could have consequences for their employment, depending on the circumstances and the type of work they do, as well as their ability to participate in various activities in Victoria.

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  1. Typical response from a slimy politician like Foley, I can’t stand him or any of his putrid mob, not mandated, but you’ll lose your job and be discriminated against and segregated if you are not fully vaxed, he like andrews are the most vile of inhuman beings

  2. Not mandating means just that…not mandating. What utter garbage and a kindergarten attempt at a play on words. It IS mandated it you have your inalienable rights as an Australian citizen taken away from you.
    Halfwit of the highest order, one day this man and his cohorts will be made to confront their own stupidity. Then I want my apology.

  3. It’s not mandatory but we will make life totally shit for you if you don’t. He looks like crap. Not someone who should be in charge of health.

  4. Just look at this guy, he has concerns on his face. Either a heavy wine drinker or maybe high blood pressure from all the lied he tells. Maybe he is getting concerned that he will get caught out soon.