Ready, STICKER, go…!

Having a hard time keeping yourself and the kids busy these holidays? We have something for you to do 🙂

The TGA provisionally approved the vaccines for use in children aged between 5 and 11. It seems inevitable they’ll start mandating them to allow school attendance like they’re doing in some states in USA.

A community member has cleverly created a sticker similar to The White Rose stickers to accompany the RDA Save Our Kids campaign. This will allow us to leverage the existing information from the campaign and make it more accessible to those who still aren’t aware of the potential dangers of this injection.

The project:

Purchase a Brother printer – QL-700, QL-810 W, QL-800, QL-600, QL-570, QL-550 or QL-500 label printer.

They are available online with a quick search. Otherwise, they are available at Officeworks stores. These printers utilise thermal printing technology, so there’s no ink or toner required, meaning you can print and print and print…

  1. Download the P-touch Editor software. HERE
  2. Download the sticker template. HERE (keep in mind, you’ll only be able to view this when you have the software. It’s the same design as you can see in the pictures)
  3. Print as many as you can and get active, placing them in high traffic areas!

Some ideas include

  • The backs of toilet doors
  • Mirrors in public restrooms
  • Public garbage bins
  • Street signs
  • Park benches and poles holding up awnings over benches
  • Notice boards
  • Playgrounds
  • School fences/ school signs (anywhere at a school or daycare facility)

The general rule is never to place them on private property.

Be creative 😊, and feel free to take a pic and place it on social media with the hashtag #savethekids with the words “spotted in (insert location) if you like.

Thank you so much again; we are the children’s gatekeepers; this ends with us!!!

If we save the life of just one child, it’s worth it.

If you want to also check out The White Rose initiative, this is the link to their Telegram channel

Printers: Kogan Dick Smith Cartridges Direct

Paper rolls: available on eBay. One comes free with the printer too.

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