We Know the Truth – Real Rukshan Day 2

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This post is a copy of last night’s mass email. It explains the ‘RDA lives’ comment and other things 🙂 If you’re not subscribed to

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    1. I understood that the conditions were altered as per instructions from Monica to her legal time on what she would agree to?? My expectation is she was being released within a couple of hours of the order at 1pm so she should be out now, I can’t imagine there would be any posts of any update until the team and her lawyers meet to discuss the public statement as everything will need to be carefully drafted to avoid a breach of the conditions

  1. Don’t the police realise that it is their compliance that is the only thing standing between a free country and the peoples rights and the dangerous fascist government that have been obviously corrupted by other forces and those individuals to include Mr Andrews need to removed from government immediately. The police are in charge, the police can make the difference they can change everything, they can rely on good counsel, the scientific evidence of 10s of thousands of scientists and doctors and common sense that this is not a health emergency but rather the first stages of removing our democratic state into a communism state one that the police and their families will perish under, we must all put our faith in the collective consciousness to reach these men and provoke a rebellion against this tyranny and those members of government implicated the same ones poisoning the voices of the genuine politicians and government workers, as the Great Awakening has already commenced and 100’s of millions globally awakening it is only a matter of time until our brothers and sisters in the police, the only thing standing in the way of removing the corrupt officials join us, Pray or Remote View, or even meditate to bring them over, its sounds crazy because the the Global Government has intentionally ridiculed this practice because of its power and importance but I assure you my fellow Victorians and humans this is the only way and shortly we will see these criminals removed from office and we will be released from this prison of the mind

      1. Yeah just got home from work, my RDA leader of local town im apart of, kept me posted, so i made a post, think ive made 3 so far lol, stay strong warriors, this gets better and you will be able to feel so damn powerful once remaining strong pays off, trust me, future is bright, the storm is apon us right now. I felt the pressure of everyone around me just jumping towards the vaccine, its hard out there, staying strong pays off, trust me, governments fall and people rise, the only damn reason im here, for these times =)

  2. Were the Victoria Police representative’s technical problems the whole day stalling tactics? There were at times more than 6,000 viewers of the proceedings, and Victoria Police did not look good, trying to make Monica look like she chose to sit in prison for this long for frivolous reasons. It should have been obvious to anyone following the proceedings, that the original bail conditions would have been unacceptable for a reasonable person. Not having been able to sit out all the disruptions to the Victoria Police representative’s technical issues, I don’t know how the day concluded at court. I hope Monica and her loved ones are not too disappointed, if today did not bring the expected outcome, and look forward to the updates when we can receive it.

  3. Article in Sydney Morning Herald Doctors, nurses and pharmacists who spread COVID anti-vaccination claims will face harsh penalties, including being stripped of their ability to practise, by the medical watchdog.

    The national medical boards and the Australian Health Practitioner Regulatory Agency (AHPRA) released a joint directive warning healthcare practitioners that they risk regulatory action if they spout false or deceptive misinformation to patients or on social media that could undermine the national vaccination program……….
    This is so frightening its like all the governments leaders have become possessed and I’m not even religious. How can all these people just choose to look the other way and not look at the other side of the factual equation, there is so much information out there with proof attached. Doctors, Scientists, Virologist’s, all over the world are trying to stop this, whistleblowers are risking their lives to expose what is really happening. The main stream media speak without facts and make us all out to be crazy people who are violent and destructive to the world, when we are fighting for our lives and for those that don’t know any better. I think we are all in deep shit, this world won’t be worth living in soon. Thanks to organisations like this, that gives us the only glimmer of hope. Thankyou