A Reflection of Three Years of COVID: Lessons for The Future

Alec Witham:

At the outset dire predictions of high mortality rates based on modelling from the UK triggered an overreaction by governments and health authorities around the world.

Public fears were heightened by the mass testing of healthy people via a flawed method which produced many false positives thereby inflating the reported numbers of new cases announced daily by government officials and the media.

Lockdowns were counterproductive and went against the advice of some of the world’s most respected epidemiologists, as did vaccine mandates. Meanwhile governments mistakenly pinned their hopes solely on the rushed production of a vaccine.

In the interim, of those vulnerable people who died of COVID, tragically many of those deaths could have been prevented had health officials not banned early treatment with existing drugs–-specifically hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin—falsely labelling them ‘unsafe and ineffective.’

Several months after the introduction of the novel gene-based vaccines, the data began to indicate they had minimal and short-lived efficacy (now acknowledged by both regulators and manufacturers) neither preventing infection nor transmission. On the other hand, it was shown that immunity acquired naturally through contracting the disease was robust and enduring.

More worrying was the mounting evidence of the vaccines causing actual harm at a rate higher than all former vaccines combined, including permanent injury and death. Despite this some governments still insist on mandating vaccinations for certain occupations.

In addition to the above, the economic harm has been massive—billions of dollars siphoned from the Western nations into the hands of the captains of the pharmaceutical-bio-industrial complex. In Australia, there were also worrying political changes which impact on federalism and democracy—a centralized ‘national cabinet’ which shows no sign of being abandoned, and at least one state premier arrogating to himself permanent emergency powers without accountability to parliament, while another is seeking to invest similar powers in that state’s chief of police.

Why does the public appear to be generally unaware of these facts? That is a question for our governments and the legacy media. However, should the truth become widely known and the world return to sanity, Australians could reasonably expect that:

  1. All remaining vaccine mandates would be lifted.
  2. There would be an urgent inquiry into the independence of both our health and medical regulators—the TGA and AHPRA, and of the legacy media; in addition, the issue of corporations becoming coercive arms of government—as in enforcing vaccine mandates—would come under scrutiny.
  3. Employees who lost their livelihoods for refusing to be vaccinated, and doctors who were deregistered for putting patients’ health above the dictates of the health bureaucracy, would all receive an apology and be reinstated and compensated.
  4. Doctors would be encouraged to do their own due diligence in future and where necessary, challenge the dictates of bureaucracy.
  5. And governments, rather than relying solely on bureaucrats for their advice, would encourage collaboration among practicing clinicians to come up with safe and effective treatments, while vaccine manufacturers would never again be allowed to relax the proper procedures for ensuring the safety and efficacy of their products.
  6. The national cabinet would be abandoned, and the legislation which concentrates emergency powers in any individual without parliamentary accountability would be repealed.

Re. Vaccines:
For months now, an international alliance of some 17,000 medical doctors and scientists has been petitioning governments to stop giving the mRNA vaccines to children, the World Council for Health (WCH), a supporter-funded organization, has been recommending the suspension of all mRNA vaccines, and the Surgeon General of Florida only recently advised healthy young males not to take the mRNA vaccines.

Recent news from the US re misuse of regulatory powers

America’s Frontline Doctors’ legal team is taking a stand against the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) [the US equivalent of our TGA] and its illegal mandates against ivermectin. Lawyers have filed an amicus curiae brief in behalf of these doctors who risked their careers to successfully treat patients with the drug. This lawsuit takes direct aim at the FDA’s shameful interference between doctors’ and patients’ rights. (Epoch Times, Oct 20, 2022)

More recently, this admission by a Pfizer executive which suggests the idea of taking the shot for the sake of others was never based in fact:

A senior Pfizer executive has admitted that the drug company did not know whether its Covid vaccine prevented transmission of the virus when it began rolling out the shots globally. (The Adelaide Advertiser, Oct 21, 2022)

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