Man with Mask Exemption Refused Treatment at Austin Hospital

Mark, an Australian Citizen, was refused medical services because he has a mask exemption. This is absolutely illegal and we needed to expose it. The Austin Hospital owes Mark an apology and the medical service he is entitled to. RDA has been receiving numerous complaints from people being refused medical treatment or consult due to vaccination status and mask exemption.

This is absolutely illegal so we have put together a template to help you confront this situation:

If you use this template and still get refused, please contact our admin team so we can help further

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  1. How dare they get so carried away with the idea of a restriction that they can’t see how they affect the person in front of them. Shame Austin hospital.

  2. A friend of mine who is also a Queenslander was in South Australia recently – I phoned him recently and he was in hospital back in Queensland – no doubt he has been further traumatised by the police actions against him – he is an elderly man now and was formerly in the military – he suffers PTSD and whilst in South Australia he does have mask exemption ( I can’t even believe we are talking about a mask exemption it is so insane) but he did not have the exemption with him and tried to explain – I was staggered when he told me he was arrested and put in solitary confinement for 5 days apparently they did not even let him see a doctor (I am sure this is what he said as I was so horrified I was very distressed at hearing this is Ausnazitralia.
    Everything these tyrants in government and their co-tyrants have done and are doing is definitely human rights abuses on an extensive and massive scale.
    Are we headed for mad max scenario if they don’t end all this covid treachery/ human rights abuses ?

  3. Should just put it to a public ballot and let democracy decide whether unvaccinated should have a right to be treated.
    Hopefully a little bit of natural selection will come back and Muppet like this will not exist. If you don’t like society fuck off and start your own one. Good luck to you xx

    1. Captainplonk – I am confident that such an hysterical, irrational and unnecessary “public ballot” would decide that – just like any other medical status group – those human beings that are not injected (i.e. those who are effectively the control group for this huge BigPharma/Gates medical experiment), do indeed have the right to be treated in the medical system that that their taxes pay for, and which they have the basic legal and moral right to access. However, because there are individuals who are unable to think clearly, particularly during a mass-formation psychosis like this one, there is good reason why in a democracy, human rights are not trusted to the mob.

      After all, as the holocaust (and a myriad of other human atrocities throughout history) so aptly demonstrated; a democracy cannot always tell right from wrong (a strange concept to you perhaps!?), which is why we have this thing called the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia. You might have heard of it? It is the highest law of the land and enshrines our human rights into law, precisely so abuses of power – be they from government officials or from a majority of the people – can be stopped, (and consequences metered out to those who thought themselves higher than the Constitution).

      The high court is yet to hear a case on the unlawful, unconstitutional and communistic human rights abuses that are being committed atm, in the name of public ‘health’, but when it does and if the Constitution is followed as it should be – justice and truth will resolve the consequences of the unbridled cowardice and hatred that we are seeing from so many weak-minded people overcome by a media-fuelled, unscientific, totally illogical (and truly pathetic) fear of the uninjected, which apparently causes them to think (and even sometimes behave) like baboons, rather than fellow human beings.

      It is also why, after the hysteria is over and people see the truth of what has occurred, we end up with things like Royal Commissions and the Nuremburg Trials.
      Good luck to you, too 🙂