Safety Data Should Not Be ‘Commercial In Confidence’

Senator Gerard Rennick:

Last week in Estimates I put forward more questions to the TGA. The TGA still refuses to acknowledge that there are more injuries recorded against Covid vaccines than all other vaccines (and other drugs as far as I can tell) since 1971 despite over 90% of the population having received multiple childhood vaccinations. If this isn’t a red flag 🚩 I don’t know what is. The TGA then give conflicting advice about genotoxicity studies claiming documentation does exist when in a Freedom of Information request 3604 they said no documentation exists. Furthermore they claim that the data, if it does exist is commercial in confidence. Since when did the profits of foreign multinationals come before the health and well-being of the Australian people. 😡😡😡

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  1. We are so fortunate to have Senator Rennick, among many others, refusing to give up on the truth. He has a voice and I find it super encouraging that he just keeps digging in.

    1. Could only disagree with the same word “many”. Seems to me there are far too few like Senator Rennick putting the blowtorch to the enemies of our freedom.