Ex NSW Police Officer Roland Chrystal Interview with Monica Smit

In July 2021, Roland Crystal resigned from the NSW Police Force because he could no longer be the Police Officer he wanted to be. He like many who join the Police Force did so to serve and protect the community, not to become a tool of oppression. Roland’s message to those currently serving as Police Officers is to stop and think about what you are doing when enforcing CHO directions.

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  1. A buddy of mine was telling me about a group of vicpol passing by the demonstrations & saw 2 vicpol bashing 2 civilians in a quiet spot further away from the protesting. The convoy of police not involved with protesting stopped to see what’s happening. They wondered why there was no call for back up. got out of their vehicles & approached by foot metres away realising these 2 officers were not wearing the exact same uniform colour & slightly different design. The 2 fake vicpol officers turned to the group of genuine vicpol & threatened them to keep quiet & walk away. 2 civilians ran off. They stood there eye balling these 2 fake vicpol officers & got on their phones to management. Their bosses also said to forget about it & walk away. 2 fake police got into a vehicle driver unknown & drove off. number plates false. bad times if this bill passes. lots of sth African hired thug personnel. Andrews & Scotty M obviously couldn’t rely on the entire police force members to do the dirty illegal stuff.  Is this about a virus? Of course not.