Police officer QUITS so he can speak!

I don’t have much to tell you except for that, however, we are planning an interview with him soon.

In the meantime, please show your support by following him;




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  1. Thank you officer Crystal for your strength, your conviction and your bravery to speak up at all cost!
    The human race is under serious threat now. Internationally most democracies are being suspended, replaced by stealth with medical emergency acts which amount to nothing less than tyrannical fascist systems to control the population at will! See Nazi Germany!
    The ELITE all across the globe is driving this change at the behest of the NWO! It is really not hard to see because they don’t actually hide it anymore! Please remember 2019 when the NWO was announced at the World Economic Forum. THE GREAT RESET they call it! You OWN NOTHING and you will be happy they declared.
    Come 2021. We find ourselves in a “Plandemic” (not a typo!) creating fear and an inevitable mass psychosis. The JAB arrives and the coercion and extortion to “take it” is extraordinary, disregarding all human rights enshrined in our constitution at will! Why???
    We have to stop sleepwalking into submission before it is too late.

  2. I support everyone’s right to body and health integrity. Not much to ask.
    It takes courage and intelligence to question ,to stand for what you believe in .Can be a lonely road at times I wouldn’t do it any other way…It’s my, our, your TRUTH.
    Hold your line officer Crystal, we stand with you.

  3. happening everywhere Italy Deputy CommissionerDeputy Commissioner Roma Schilliro ‘: the green pass is absolutely inconceivable with the constitution !! State
    despotic and corrupt! The citizen who comes to terms with a similarity is an accomplice !! Civil disobedience !!!! https://t.me/dentrolanotizia/1860

  4. G’day Rolando,
    Well I must say how proud I am of you..you are truly a man of honour dignity strength and heart to come stand with your fellow Australians in such a distressing time of Tyranny..
    Stay strong know in your heart your doing the right thing..we are happy to stand shoulder to shoulder with you
    God bless