Romania stands with Australia

I am lost for words…I have tears in my eyes. Words cannot explain our gratitude to your beautiful people!!!

We will not give up!!! thanks for your encouragement

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    1. Good question. I wish I get this answer too…
      I personally believe that each of us is a drop and we can form an ocean. And hope this ocean wipes out those things that for the moment empeaches our natural freedom…

  1. Romania you too did this for us? I hope you know how much that means to us Australians who are in the fight of our lives against Political bastardry/tyranny which has left our people traumatised and in such fear and despair and knowing that you stand there united with us means everything.
    Thank you to the beautiful Romanian people.

    1. You are welcome!
      Please remember you are never alone. When you feel so just think that God is beside you.
      And by God I mean entire humanity too and entire world!
      We stand for us, all people are one Soul!

  2. This is why we all must keep on, keeping on. We are all UNITED in this world as shown by all THESE BEAUTIFUL PEOPLE standing up for Australia .I had a good old cry when i watched these people, just when your so tired & feeling defeated, someone,a stranger can make your heart brim with love. AND THE FIGHT IS ON. STAND DOWN SCOMO WE ARE COMING FOR YOU

      1. Hi, Mary! Don’t worry, your message reached us 😉
        I give you a big hug!
        When you feel alone or hopeless , try to feel my hug and my support also! 🤗💖🤗
        We are all part of the same UNITY and we are connected beyond any imagination…

    1. We are not strangers, we are your brothers and sisters, we are part of the same UNITY.
      You all are in my heart and in my prayers! 🙏🙏🙏
      God bless you and set you free!

  3. I never understood growing up the value of overseas protests on behalf of other people. I get it now. It helps give heart to the people on the receiving end.

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