Real Rukshan’s video…A MUST WATCH

This made me cry!

Look at those smiles, those hopeful and caring faces…all we want is FREEDOM!

How can Daniel or Gladys say…”we’re disgusting”?


These are not the faces of criminals…these are the faces of warriors who will get freedom AT ANY COST.

You can call us whatever you want…we’ll NEVER EVER GIVE UP, nd we’ll NEVER EVER let tyrants speak on our behalf again!

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  1. Decent work starting your own social media digital platform, I’m happy to pay to use your service. In a time when the shareholders of the major digital platforms such as Fakebook and Twitstar are engaging in political censorship, Australians need a platform where they can post without fear of political reprisal or censorship. The IT department, which hosts this website has now provided this service, well done.

    Personally, I look after my own personal health, my personal health is my responsibility, I have never caught a Flu in my life, and I really have Colds (A cold may last me 2 days max) This is due to my strong immune system, achieved via a healthy diet, drinking 2L of water daily, exercise and sunshine.

    The Current Government is holding my freedoms to ransom, unless if I submit my own body and flesh to an experimental vaccine that we don’t know the long-term side effects of. I will not gamble with own personal health, with unknown odds. This is my body; I own my own body and I determine what chemicals go into my blood stream.

    I see anyone, trying to enforce a needle in my arm, as hostile and they will be treated as such. It’s my body, it’s my choice. This current government may terrorise us by revoking our freedoms until we comply, but my freedoms are not up for negotiation.

    Good to see the silent majority has woken up, we are the resistance.

    1. Wonderful words, Black Swan! My thoughts exactly. I do the same things; I look after my own health the right way and I do not get ‘flu or colds (symptoms may last a day or two and I know how to treat them). Why people would risk their health, offering their bodies up for a trial injection with unknown substances which has no guarantee of protection from a disease which has a 99% recovery rate is incomprehensible to me.

  2. I live in a border town, of NSW/VIC. There is word that military checkpoints are returning to border towns. It’s time for NSW to Invade the border town checkpoints, and cross the border, on mass in protest for a United Australia!