SA – Make your vote count TOMORROW…get informed here

Disclaimer – RDA did not personally do this research (trusted people did). These resources are merely guides to help you make your own informed voting decisions.

These tables and documents can be confusing, so we did a zoom meeting last night to go through it all in more detail. It would be great for you to watch this in preparation for tomorrow.

In this post, there is something to help all types of people. If you’re a researcher, there is plenty for you to look into here. If you want to be told who to vote for, the spreadsheet below will help with that 🙂

Below are lots of resources to help you vote tomorrow. SHARE SHARE SHARE this with your friends and family.

  1. If you’re interested in the Abortion subject, Australian Christian Lobby has put this together
  2. Below is a table someone put together

3. Here is something Tim Jeager from AFIPN put together, he is also in the zoom meeting above

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