URGENT – South Australia (How to Vote for Freedom)

A voting guide that places Freedom Friendly Parties before the majors.

RDA did not make this sheet, we are sharing it from another source.

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  1. Sorry  but I don’t understand this how-to-vote table. If the idea is to put the majors last, why are there so many Libs in the number 1 or 2 spots?

      1. I still don’t get it. Can you please elaborate on that? If you put the Lib candidates on top, doesn’t that mean they’re more likely to get a seat at the table?

    1. Hi Giusotto,
      I was involved in a team effort to construct the chart and will attempt to explain.
      In a perfect world all Lib/Lab/Green candidates would be listed last and all minor parties at the top.
      However in some historically strong lib/lab seats there are virtually no legitimate options.
      We directly interviewed many of the candidates and ranked them according to merit and their commitment to democracy.
      If you take a different view and look down the column of 4th preference for e.g. you will see that it is dominated by Lib/Lab/Green. IE they are NOT ranked highly in the voting.
      Hope that helps.

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