SA Votes to free Assange

The following is a media release from Adelaide for Assange.

‘Enough is Enough’ said the Prime Minister, but where is the progress?

Time is running out for Assange. Anthony Albanese must act now before it is too late.

The US is for the first time using the Espionage Act to prosecute a publisher for revealing war crimes. The brazen extraterritorial reach and the classification of journalism as espionage will make it unsafe for any journalist or publisher anywhere to reveal US secrets.

This prosecution strikes a blow to the heart of press freedom and follows calls by public figures in the US to have him assassinated during what has been 11 years of persecution the UN has condemned as torture and arbitrary detention. Assange must never be extradited to the US where he cannot get a fair trial. He does not belong in HMP Belmarsh in the UK, a maximum-security prison. He has been held in solitary confinement-like conditions for over 3 years.

Stella Assange – “It feels like we’ve been running a marathon for a long time, and you know, that’s hard,
mentally and physically. But now it feels like we have many people running alongside us and are at the
finish line. 70% of Australians want Julian to come home. 250,000 Australians (1% of the population)
signed the petition to bring Julian home to Australia. The will of the Australian people is clear. This isn’t
party political.”

Former UN Rapporteur on Torture Nils Melzer said “And the charges in the US are so obviously arbitrary
and in direct violation of the fundamental freedom of opinions and expression that their political nature
simply cannot be ignored. So, yes, in my opinion Julian Assange is a political prisoner.”

MC Mary Kostakidis said “Julian Assange remains in Belmarsh Prison with extradition to the US imminent for the first ever prosecution of a publisher under the Espionage Act. Our Prime Minister should put to the American President in the strongest possible terms this prosecution must be dropped. Assange’s conviction would be a stab in the heart for investigative journalism – no journalist anywhere will again be likely to expose US wrongdoing for fear of spending the rest of their life in a steel shoebox. It is a death sentence.”

A comprehensive and historic Motion has been put before the South Australian Parliament by Frank
Pangallo SA Best MLC. On Wednesday the 28th of September the SA Parliament is going to vote on this
motion. Please see attached.

Friends and supporters of Julian Assange will be on the steps of the parliament house and flooding the
gallery for the vote. Adelaide for Assange in association with Amnesty International SA & NT has arranged some amazing speakers such as:
Rex Patrick – Politician
David McBride – Whistle-blower
Stephen Kenny – Julian Assange’s Lawyer
Frank Pangallo – SA Best MLC
Tammy Franks – The Green MLC

This is a significate vote to acknowledge and defend free speech, free press, and our ‘right to know’ and
to call for the immediate release of an Australian citizen, political prisoner, and award-winning publisher
Mr. Julian Assange.





Media Contact:
Jodie Sard 0423428033
Adelaide for Assange

Read the Notice of Motion:

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