Monica interviews Australian ‘Lambassador’ and former Aussie Rules Player Sam Kekovich

It’s great to hear from Australian Celebrities. Although we don’t agree on everything, he is clearly passionate about freedom and rejects medical apartheids and tyrannical Government overreach. He urges people to remember to be KIND to one another in the face of all adversity.

To learn more about Sam Kekovich visit his website.

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  1. As an Australian I’m sick to death of these traitors in gruberment. They don’t deserve to be in Australia. The sooner we the Nation vote all of these traitors out and sentence them them under the Nuremburg Code for crimes against Humanity the better.

  2. I loved everything that Sam said and couldn’t agree more……….. if there is one quote I’d love to see take off, it is  “COURTESY IS CATCHING”
    They’ve always called each other nicknames as a weird kind bonding thing; Australians need to reclaim their humour! 

  3. This is all fairly commonplace where it is assumed that the social convenience opinion of the “majority” is the arbiter of all “good and true”. The convenient opinion of the majority is entirely at the disposal of the Scribes that dispense opinion forming “information” to the ordinary people who should be properly concerned with their duties according to their state in life. When “ordinary people” assume that their opinions and convenience is the arbiter of “good and true” as in “you shall be as gods knowing (deciding) good and evil” we have proper democracy, eh?

    I contend that Sodom and Gomorrah (and many other grand civilisations) were destroyed, not because they were all poofters, but because they effectively said “you piss off, Mr Lott, and take your God with you. We’re running this show and anything is good and true if we say it is and because we say it is.” That would have to be the epitome of democracy. I also think that Lott’s wife didn’t just cast a casual glance over her shoulder at the city. My guess is that she was rebelling; as in “why are we heading off into the wilderness? I had a nice home with servants and shops nearby; entertainments galore and much more, and now we’re heading into the wilderness at the whim of this grumpy old man.”

    Aristotle described democracy as “the tyranny of the ignorant” clearly implying that some people in a society have as duties according to their state in life to know and understand the nature and purpose of of human life and to maintain a social order conducive to everyone being able to achieve their proper end. That some of them fail in their duties is no excuse for secretly incited mob anarchy to install another, and worse, tyranny of ambitious puppets of hidden ideologies and powers.

    ‘Straya is not a “democracy” that is “ruled” by the whim of the people. It is a constitutional Monarchy in which the people have an elected parliament to put the concerns and desires of the people to the Monarch who is ultimately responsible before God and Man to rule for the benefit of the Commonwealth as sworn in Coronation oaths and all that. As such, we should be trying to hold the Monarchical feet to the fire demanding that they exercise their sworn duties rather than pleading with some narcissistic puppets of hidden powers to change puppets.

    You want democracy? We got democracy and it’s given us what we’ve got. What we really need is good, honest representatives to make th’ barsads do what they should.

  4. G’donya, Sam. Y’ blardy drongo. If y’ go to the “top end” y’ should know that the climate is not suitable for raising sheep. Although I come from a long line of sheep farmers (and I like sheep meat best) a bit of dead cow is not at all disagreeable in its place.

    You should get along very well with creepy Clive ‘n’ Craig as their “platform” is nothing but a litany of shallow, saccharine platitudes. Yair, go for it, mate, the supercilious “Age of Aquarius” is the standard of reason and virtue these days.

    An Invitation to International Travellers to come and enjoy the beauty and freedoms we have to offer
    Australian TOTALITARIAN Tourism Commercial – 14 Reasons to Visit!
    More >

    Scott Morrison sacking from tourism Australia. FOI
    I wonder what this was about ?

    Australia’s and USA et al vaccination policies are totally corrupted with the most obscene systemic and extensive conflicts of interest.
    Independent Researchers have been screaming about this for so long but the system is so systemically corrupted and there has never been anyone/Independent Body/ Investigative Body to hold them to account – nobody cares as long as those corporate revolving doors kept on rolling $$$$$$$$$$ to governments – but when they start mandating vaccinations and/or any other medical treatments/or anything else whatsoever, that’s not on – if the governments want/need associations/partnerships/memberships $$$$$$ with Pharmaceutical Industry and other corporate bodies A SIMPLE RULE IS THAT NO MANDATES FOR ANYTHING AT ANYTIME FROM ANYWHERE CAN BE ENACTED EVER !!!!

    This is only a fraction of the extensive and systemic COI >
    Australian Government Thugs and Tyrants using the population for human dartboards for their covid atrocities > the population will be most interested in this.

    CONFLICTS OF INTEREST in Australian Vaccination Policies – Tip of the Needle examples

  6. My partner and I watched the interview between Sam and Monica and we were left disappointed. Sam appeared to have missed the point on un-vaccinated people being discriminated against. I understand where he is coming from on the side of commercial business but he doesn’t appear to be interested in people who are unvaccinated. I lost my job working with the elderly a week ago, I definitely feel discriminated against. We also found that when Monica asked a question, he would interrupt and we thought that was disrespectful. So much for manners, Sam.