South Australian Nurse Speaks Out

We found the Nurse’s name…Cathy Byrne 

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  1. Brava!! What a sincere, brave and credible nurse. We need more medical professionals to stand with her – to peacefully protest and speak truth to power!

    Notice the corporate media were there – filming her and asking questions, but will anything she said be reported accurately, fairly or without bias?? Those ‘reporters’ (presenters) have no excuse – they heard what she said. If they do not start reporting the unbiased and unedited truth now, and more people die – then they are morally guilty. After all, as she said – media employees are not exempt, everyone is a target.

    1. A brave lady indeed. You go girl we support you. There is only 1 way the truth will come out and that’s with honesty. We stand beside the truth. Those that speak out give us some light at the end of the tunnel.

    2. Unfortunately, she had a full 7secs on the MSM and most of it was concentrated on the AFL Player who potentially will lose her career as a nurse and an AFL player and be vilified by the public. Both videos need to be spread far and wide esp to Media outlets and their CEOS and the politicians

  2. If she cared she wouldn’t have left vulnerable patients without a nurse in a time where she would be needed the most. Truely a selfish act. Imagine if nurses quit over the need to wear PPE around cancer patients during flu season. Absolutely bonkers. They will not be missed.

    1. Did you listen to what she said?or, did you just watch it? Why would these nurses inject the thing that’s causing hospital beds to fill up with patients, to be able to take care of those patients, or, potentially become one of those patients. Nurses are a special kind of person, and they will definitely be missed. How you compare the wearing of PPE to an untested and, already proving to be harmful gene therapy, tells me a lot about your intelligence.

      1. Because it isn’t. You just believe what you find in the internet. Keep drinking the kool aid. I’m sure the 90 percent of nurses who are still employed are just sheeple driven by the Bezos chip or whatever

        1. Please provide the evidence that this gene therapy is safe. Indeed all clinical trials on animals- all the animals died. Have you not seen the Declaration of Rome signed by over 12,000 medical doctors worldwide to STOP this gene therapy? You need to carry on drinking the Kool aid, you are obviously too ignorant to do your own research.

  3. Thank you Cathy! We need more nurses and doctors telling their stories and the truth of what is really happening. Haven’t checked all the MSM websites but I note Channel 7 didn’t show the interview footage….so it seems that the reporters would willingly let their kids die before risking upsetting their editor boss. FFS!!!! What muppets!!

  4. I would I feel safe having an unvaccinated nurse or doctor attend to me because these so-called vaccines only reduce COVID like symptoms but doesn’t prevent transmission of COVID. Has anyone noticed that COVID like symptoms are the same symptoms you would get with a cold or a flu? like a runny nose or a sore throat? On the race occasion if I started showing cold or flu like symptoms I would stay at home, drink water, and get bed rest. The problem with these vaccines is that vaccinated doctors and nurses can still transmit COVID but because they would show no symptoms, they wouldn’t even know they had COVID. Effectively, these vaccines are designed to make sneezing outdated. Now I know sneezing sucks, I hate having a runny nose. But on the rare occasion if I had a runny nose, I would know to stay at home. However, if I submitted to this enforced drug trial I wouldn’t even know if I were spreading COVID because I would show no symptoms, and I showed no symptoms I would have no reason to take a sick day form work. But then again, that’s the goal all along, stop people from sneezing so they take fewer sick days.

  5. To me, each and every whistleblower is a champion and many people
    are behind you, so soldier on please. Has anyone noticed how many
    of the double vaxed have become aggressive? It has happened to me,
    not physical but verbal abuse and all that I was doing was standing in
    line at the Chemist.

  6. Hats off to the South Australian Nurse who has the courage to speak up! Unfortunately the reporters present will not report it truthfully if at all! People of Australia you need to wake up to what is happening!

  7. Further to this I am convinced that Australia and New Zealand are test cases. The world is looking on and waiting in anticipation to see if we acquiesce! Once we do all hell will break loose all over the world.