What is the PERSON? Saul Dawson speaking at the Freedom Summit Downunder 2022

Many of us have been apprehensive to consider the common law approach. We’ve seen them fail and we’ve seen slightly unhinged advocates of it. However, this is different. There is a very rational and common-sense approach to understanding the difference between a PERSON and a LIVING MAN/WOMAN.

Saul Dawson has been practicing it for over a decade and wants to help people learn more about it.

I have personally started looking into it and plan on using it for a fine case coming up. I’ll update you on how it goes of course.


Freedom Summit Downunder 2022 – Melbourne

How to live peacefully and prosper, even in chaos

This event will focus on tools and strategies we can all use to live our best lives, no matter what is happening around us.

  • How to live in our society without supporting corporations, industries and systems that are working against us.
  • How to build and connect to a local community that will support each other, both emotionally and physically.
  • How to look after our well-being and health no matter what challenges we face.

Note – if it goes well, we’ll do a tour around Australia

Guest speakers confirmed so far;

  • Topher Field – Documentary filmmaker
  • Malcolm Roberts – Member of Parliament 
  • Gerard Rennick – Member of parliament
  • Geoff Shaw – New book launch to bring Dan Andrews DOWN
  • Robyn Cosford – Integrative medical specialist
  • George Christensen – Nation First
  • Morgan C Jonas and Aidan McLindon – Freedom Party of Victoria
  • Rebecca Lloyd – Fair Business Australia
  • Fanos Panayides – TRIBE meetings
  • Chris Macquet – Find Good Food
  • Saul Dawson – Who is the person
  • Jayne Gaynor – LETS (Local Energy Trading System)
  • Kent Brown – TAP (The Australia Project)
  • Helena Ryan, Kelly Hiles & Daniel McDonald – USWA (United Service Workers Association)
  • and more to come…

When: 7pm till late. Wednesday 13th July 2022

Where: Melbourne CBD – Exact address will be sent via email privately

Tickets: $85/per person – includes bar tab and canapés

Accommodation is available for $160/night. Email us directly to organise admin@reignitedemocracyaustralia.com.au


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