Save Our Kids

If you are being coerced or intimidated to do something you don’t want to, please email us at and we will help as much as we can.

Save Our Kids



This is a call to action to all Parents and Educators and to Anyone who cares about the future of humanity!

Below are:

  • Flyers you can download and print
  • Social media tiles you can share
  • Stickers you can print
  • Resourced info you can share
  • Letter template to inform your school you DO NOT CONSENT to your child being vaccinated


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Letters informing schools you DO NOT CONSENT to your child being vaccinated.
Send to your school ASAP

From Parent and Child

From Parent Only #1

From Parent Only #2

A fully referenced and well researched letter to email to your children's school.

Please note, due to the attached hyperlinks and references, this letter will have more impact if it is emailed rather than being hand delivered or posted. 

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