Save Our Kids

If you are being coerced or intimidated to do something you don’t want to, please email us at [email protected] and we will help as much as we can.

Save Our Kids


To ensure every educator and care provider around Australia is aware of the very real dangers of injecting our children with an experimental vaccine. We know that the injection neither prevents transmission nor provides immunity, not to mention children have a 99.998% survival rate from Covid. This needs to be common knowledge among those who we entrust to care for our children. We need to be the voice for our children; we are their gatekeepers.

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Join us in sending a strong message to any schools, daycares, kindergartens and care providers in your local area.  Given that most of the country is in some kind of lockdown, you can be involved with different levels of activity.

Please be advised this flyer has been created with the intention to be distributed to schools, childcare centres and places that care for our children, NOT residential properties where children themselves may see the information listed on the flyers. Please be mindful of this when in the community.

Level 1:

  1. Download the email script
  2. Search the database and copy the email addresses from any local schools in your area
  3. If there are any schools not listed in the database, use a search engine to locate the school’s email and any other care providers in your area. 
  4. Send the email

Level 2:

  1. Download the flyer 
  2. Put on your runners and get an hour of exercise in your LGA- visit any schools/ kindergartens/daycares in your local area and hand-deliver this flyer to them. 
  3. Have a conversation with the staff, take the opportunity to voice your concerns and open up a conversation.  

Some discussion points could include;

  • Did you know that the COVID vaccine is still a trial till 2023?
  • Are you aware that there have been zero deaths in children aged under 19 in Australia from Covid-19?
  • Are you aware that if the vaccine causes death or injury that the manufacturers of the COVID-19 vaccine have zero liability?
  • Did you know as of 19-8-2021, there have been 460 coincidental deaths, 7 confirmed deaths and 50,278 adverse reactions as a result of the covid 19 vaccines?

Download the email script

Download the flyer

Feel free to use the documents below to advise your children’s schools on your stance, and to ensure they are aware that you as a parent DO NOT consent to this vaccine

There is one document that can be co-signed with a child, and one that is a parent only letter.

co-signed with a child

parent only letter

School Database

Search your Postcode, School or Town below to access the directory we have compiled of all schools. Once you have located your school you can email the script and your words so together we can make an impact and save our kids!

If you are unable to locate your local schools via the search function on this page, please download the database.