Let your local MP know how you feel about Vaccine Passports

Scott Morrison said in a channel 9 interview that ‘Australians could need vaccination passports to travel interstate’.

We need to demand an answer from our local MPs…

When Craig Kelly and George Christensen bring the ‘No Domestic COVID Vaccine Passports Bill 2021’ to Federal Parliament soon, will you be supporting or rejecting it?

We have made it very easy for you to participate in this.

  1. Download the template email HERE
  2. Edit it however you like. Add in your personal details
  3. Find the MPS for YOUR electorate HERE
  4. To find your postcode easily, use these shortcuts; Windows = Ctrl + F. Mac + Command + F
  5. Open a new email.
  6. Copy and paste the email addresses associated with your postcode.
  7. Copy and paste the email content

Now, every single one of the Members of Parliament that represent you have heard your voice. It’s your right to have your voices heard by the people who’s job it is to represent you.

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  1. I wrote my own letter as follows:

    Dear Member/Senator,

    The vaccine passport issue boils down to a contest between two kinds of “rights”:

    1. The natural rights of free movement and association, and of medical choice free of coercion.
    2. The right to suppress the natural rights of others, for the sake of lessening one’s own exposure to risk.

    Stated like this, I hope it is plain that the latter is a fraudulent right. How can something which negates the natural rights of others be a bona fide right? It can’t! There is no degree of curtailment of fundamental freedoms which cannot be justified by the sophistical second item. By contrast, the first item doesn’t at all limit the ability of an individual to act to lessen his exposure to risk. That’s because it’s a genuine right.

    Please support Craig Kelly’s forthcoming bill which will propose banning Covid vaccine passports and Covid vaccine discrimination.

    I will NEVER vote for a candidate who supports or facilitates this sinister move to strip Australians of their natural rights.

    Yours faithfully