Say NO to Vaccine Certificates

Recently the word ‘PASSPORTS’ has been replaced with the word ‘CERTIFICATE’. Obviously, they are exactly the same thing.

Many of you already sent emails to your MPs urging them to support Craig Kelly’s ‘no domestic passport bill’. Considering they are trying to be clever by changing the word, I think it’s important we do a BIGGER email campaign to re-iterate our thoughts on the matter. 

The template email I have written is quite blunt because the time for niceties is over in my opinion. You can edit it however you like of course.

We have built an emailing tool for you to EASILY email all your local MPs at once. You can access it HERE

COPY AND PASTE THE BELOW TEMPLATE EMAIL. Change and edit however you like.

My name is XXX. I live in XXX electorate.

I am one of your constituents so my voice should matter to you. 

As a leader of this country, you have the chance to do the right thing and speak on behalf of the people…YOUR people! 

We are all Australians, we have hopes and dreams for ourselves and our children. PLEASE, think from your heart and don’t let fear make decisions for you. 

I have a very simple message…

I am 100% against any form of vaccination certificate or passport. I will be following your votes and commentary very closely over the next few months. 
If you do not try to uphold my basic Human Rights, you will lose my vote…that is a promise!
During 2020/21, I have been slowly losing my Human Rights and I won’t stand for it any longer. 
Never before have Australians been so eager to participate in politics. Your actions are being closely monitored and when I’m at the ballot box, I will know exactly who is on my side and who is against me. 

Whether you use the word ‘passport’ or ‘certificate’ makes absolutely no difference. The idea of restricting my basic Human Rights if i choose to not to take a medication that is not fully approved by the TGA is absurd.
Even if I decide to get the COVID vaccine, I wholeheartedly disagree with restricting others who don’t want it.

Scott Morrison assured us this vaccine would be VOLUNTARY but all the coercion and manipulation I’ve been seeing tells a very different story.

The freedom and future of our country depends on YOUR actions. Our fate is in YOUR hands. I hope you do the right thing.

I appreciate your time in responding to my question.

Kind Regards,

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