Victorian Schools are being Put On Notice: Help ensure your school is too

An update from SKIP Australia regarding their Schools on Notice project

It’s taken a long time and a massive effort from our team but we have completed our schools on notice initiative. Over the past two months we raised roughly $25,000 to print legal letters and booklets, then at the end of last week we made up 2,300 packages for registered and priority post for every school within Victoria. These were collected on Friday, so will start arriving at schools from tomorrow morning.

Here is the link to the digital copies which are free to everyone. At the minute the documentation is skewed to Victoria but parents could still use these documents as they are to start putting pressure on schools.

I’m currently working with two groups in SA and WA in order to set up individual pack purchasing systems, hopefully we can get this up and running in the next few days.

In order to get this up and running in other states we need to work with established groups, please spread the word and if you know of any groups that might be interested ask them to email me.

Please help us to get this in front of as many parents as possible.

Thanks, Pearse Casey. Skip Australia


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