Scomo gets a booster as experts say 4 is likely needed.

Well… we moved on to 4 pretty quick.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has had his COVID-19 vaccine booster shot.

Morrison was reunited with Jane Malysiak, who was the first Aussie to get a COVID-19 vaccine back in February.

Booster shots are on offer from six months after the second dose, with the vulnerable being offered theirs first.

A leading epidemiologist says Australians will need a third and even a fourth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine as the country enters the next phase of the pandemic.

The warning comes despite more than 80 per cent of people aged 16 and over being fully vaccinated with two doses.

Experts have warned being fully vaccinated may not be good enough next year as iterations of the virus inevitably emerge and some freedoms, such as entry into certain countries may require proof of additional doses.

What is a booster shot?

Anyone who has had two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine is considered fully vaccinated in Australia.

A booster shot is effectively another dose of a vaccine, but it does not add extra protection, rather it replenishes the immunity profile which will naturally wane over time.

Regardless of which vaccine you’ve received, such as Pfizer or AstraZeneca, having both doses will significantly reduce your chance to contract, spread or fall seriously ill from the virus.

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  1. Why are you promoting that experimental gene therapy without any long term effect research? And what’s more recommend to read recommendations from an extremely as millitant as unreliable source like the ABC?

    Have you turned?

  2. Bullshit I don’t believe he is jabbed just a stunt – he joins the long list of governmental and mainstream media and medical tyrants and mouthpieces or shareholders of big pharma and you will all live to regret what you have done

  3. LOL, Scomo gets his booster…What a load of crap…as if he has ever taken the death jab…Scomo get the saline shot trying to con Australians trying to con Australians to get the real death jab is the truth

  4. This professor says the second shot and especially any subsequent shots will kill you!
    Coronavirus: Bill Gates predicted pandemic in 2015
    Now Gates predicts smallpox for next year (which will kill millions who have had the jabb that kills the immune system!!)

  5. Der… we know that the ‘vaccine’ is gene modifying technology- the head of Bayer et all has said so!
    And we know that the jabs do NOTHING other than make people more vulnerable to other conditions and possibly wild viruses l
    And we know that they are discriminating against the non jabbed as a means to force them to take the jab BECAUSE they know that WE who stand up for our inalienable rights, are a threat. But they are so clever! They (the government) does not say you MUST have the jab, they make it businesses job to EXCLUDE you- with the threat of a fine.
    The thing is, that is UNLAWFUL as it is discrimination. And, it is manipulative, because, they fine the business – but not the ‘unjabbed’ – because THEY ARE not allowed to force jabs!
    We need to call out the businesses and ask them why they are doing the dirty work of the government.
    And point out that they have the right to NOT discriminate against human beings . Further, it is the businesses who are self policing! There is not a cop in sight! What zombies we have become!