Scomo says it’s not mandatory and it’s our choice…

But in reality, it seems very different, doesn’t it?

I’ve been receiving countless stories about people being refused surgeries and procedures because they are not vaccinated! Countless jobs have been lost, demotions are rising and families are being torn apart simply because someone chooses not to take an experimental vaccine…that is completely voluntary hhhmmm.

You have every right to see your GP and ask him about the vaccine. Extra funding has been given to GPs for this exact purpose (as Scomo says in this video). If the GP cannot answer your questions, it’s impossible for you to have informed consent. If anyone is coercing you to get it, you can tell them you tried but the GP wasn’t able to give it to you as informed consent was not achievable.

In one breath, Scomo says we have choices, in the next, he’ll be talking about the vaccine passports and health care workers being forced to take it. How can this man lie to us so easily and look in the mirror that night? The lies and coercion won’t last forever, they can’t…good always prevails.

The most interesting thing to me is that our private health choices are now dividing us just like religion and race. It’s the most alarming thing to see health being politicised.

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  1. ScoMo Was the health minister to introduce no jab, no pay. He was in a Vics vapour rub commercial when he was 7 years old! We can’t trust him! He is probably still in bed (pardon the pun) with big pharma, YouTube vics vapour rub Scott Morrison.