‘Protection’ for businesses that choose not to impose a vaccine mandate – SHOW YOUR EMPLOYER TOMORROW!

Shared from Sky news – See article here

It’s dated back in August but the LAW HAS NOT CHANGED.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison says states will be able to provide “protection” for businesses which are concerned about choosing not to impose a vaccination mandate.

“The advice I have received is that workplace health and safety regulators in the states can provide a statement of regulation intent that a business that does not mandate is not in breach of workplace health and safety laws,” he said.
“So, a protection can be provided to businesses through that process that may be concerned that by not putting in a mandatory requirement that they might otherwise be liable for any action that might be brought against them.”
Mr Morrison also said public health orders have been applied within NSW for construction and the LGAs of concern, and the same in WA and SA for aged care workers where residents are more vulnerable.

Although the premise is a bit dodgy cause he’s talking about protection for businesses if they get sued by an employee who gets COVID, however, he clearly says it’s NOT mandatory…show your employer!!!

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  1. So outside the areas he mentioned, he says we’re not running a mandatory vaccination program, who does he think he’s kidding, he knows what Andrews has mandated in Victoria, and what other states have mandated outside the areas that he mentioned, yet he makes no mention of those vaccine mandates

  2. I think the greater threat to businesses is that those Business that choose to impose a vaccine mandate could potentially be liable for vaccine injuries under the same workplace health and safety laws!!

  3. Sorry but I never trust Morrison in anything he says, never will. He has failed the Australian people, he has failed to stand up for this country’s sovereignty and democracy.

  4. Today’s statement by Scomo is a little late don’t you think?
    There are so many people who have already lost their job,
    including my daughter. It is almost as though they are the
    criminals, but they have just stood up for their rights.

  5. Morrison speaks with a forked tongue. He is a Wolf in Sheeps clothing, a fake Christian and a Globalist shill.
    Labor and Greens are even worse. Don’t vote for any of them. Put them on the bottom of the ballot.

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