How to be an effective scrutineer

If you want to be a scrutineer, it’s really quite easy. Below is a blank copy of the form you need.
Print it out, and try to find a candidate to sign it for you. Give it to the returning officer (person in charge of the booth) and be ready before 6 pm, that’s when the doors shut.

If you’re in WA, QLD, SA or VIC, we have pre-filled out forms so you don’t need to find a candidate. SEE THEM HERE

Here’s a blank one below, try to find a candidate to sign it for you if you’re in another state.

We have put together some resources for you to review before the big day.

  1. A short video from AEC.
  2. A much more in-depth video from an experienced scutineer.
  3. A pdf with tips and notes.

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  1. A good sccrutineer needs to be honest and numerate…Guess it rules most of us out. As I expect you to only get a handful of votes , fingers and toes should suffice