Senator Sarah Henderson: Daniel Andrews’ ‘horrendous’ pandemic powers is an example of a Victorian ‘dictatorship’

A Federal Senator has lashed Daniel Andrews’ proposed pandemic powers labelling the bill “absolutely insane” and an example of a “dictatorship here in Victoria”.

Tyrone Clarke

Liberal Senator Sarah Henderson has backed the Victorian Liberals to try and amend Premier Daniel Andrews’ new pandemic powers.

The Liberals are reportedly seeking negotiations with upper house cross benchers to change the Pandemic Management Bill to give the courts the power to overturn a decision made under the proposed laws, according to the AFR.

Ms Henderson said the new law which would give the Premier the ability to declare a pandemic and extend it in three-month blocks was “so draconian”.

“Around the corner we have a very very dangerous proposal by Daniel Andrews by way of the Pandemic Management Bill,” she said. “These rules frankly… are so draconian.”

The bill, which passed in the lower house on Thursday, will also give the Health Minister the jurisdiction to make “pandemic orders” as well as broad legislative power.

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  1. Where is the governor general? Where is the governor of Victoria? Both gone missing. Craig Kelly and Clive Palmer must call on the governor general, to do his job! this tyrant must be sacked. 

  2. “Morrison Government could ‘legislate over’ Victoria’s ‘appalling’ pandemic powers” This is according to Amanda Stocker, Assistant Attorney General on sky news. She went on to say that the Commonwealth could potentially overturn Andrews’ new pandemic powers, but emphasised that the best way to “handle it” was through the ballot box.
    Ms Stoker fittingly said that these new laws, giving exclusive power to Andrews” are “appalling” but the position of the Morrison Government’s role was” a bit of a vexed one”. The Commonwealth could, if it wanted to, rely on the external affairs power to try and cover the field to legislate over this.
    Vexed? Probably asserts they could but won’t since they are all in it TOGETHER. Here is hoping.