CALL TO ACTION – Senators vote against excess death investigation

Read more about the excess deaths here –

We want to update the banners on the TruthBug to showcase these senators’ faces to name and shame them and raise more awareness about excess deaths. The new banners cost $600. You can contribute HERE or email us to sponsor the full cost

It absolutely baffles me how any human being would not want to understand why their fellow citizens are dying at a higher rate than ever before in history! There isn’t a logical justification…we are left wondering…WHY? See Hansard post here

If we are left without answers, what are we meant to think? Do they have something to hide?

For more context, there was also a vote to acknowledge the concerning increase in excess deaths in Australia in 2021 and 2022. It’s important to note that the Liberal party voted “Aye” to that but then voted against establishing an investigative committee. Their rationale was that the investigation should join an existing committee rather than establish a new one. You can assume what you want from that, but it sounds like a cop-out to me. See Hansard post here

Below the instructions is the list of senators who voted ‘NO’.

Contact them via email, phone, social media, or even turn up at their offices…WE DESERVE ANSWERS!

Note – here is a template email if you want to take bits from it. We suggest being creative so they have to open it 🙂

  1. Go to FIND MY MP (it’s a bit clunky but be patient…it works. We don’t have the money to make it better right now)
  2. If you want to contact all of them, use the search bar labeled ‘name’ (there’s a list below of all their names). Type in their last name, and you’ll see all the options to contact them. Do them all if you have the time 🙂 (keep in mind their details are repeated because they represent several different suburbs and postcodes. All the details are the same)
  3. If you want to contact the senator that represents YOUR AREA only, use the ‘suburb’ or ‘postcode’ search options. Narrow it down more but using the search options; ‘house’ (choose upper) and ‘state/federal’ (choose federal). Keep in mind, this vote was only for UPPER HOUSE in FEDERAL PARLIAMENT.
  4. If you’re sending an email, be creative with the subject heading so the staff have to open it! Here is a very detailed and resourced email you can use if you want, OR just write from the heart.

• Allman-Payne, P. J.
• Askew, W. (Teller)
• Ayres, T.
• Brown, C. L.
• Cash, M. C.
• Chisholm, A.
• Ciccone, R.
• Colbeck, R. M.
• Cox, D.
• Duniam, J. R.
• Farrell, D. E.
• Faruqi, M.
• Green, N. L.
• Grogan, K.
• Hanson-Young, S. C.
• Hume, J.
• Lines, S.
• McAllister, J. R.
• McKim, N. J.
• McLachlan, A. L.
• Payman, F.
• Pocock, B.
• Polley, H.
• Rice, J. E.
• Sheldon, A. V.
• Shoebridge, D.
• Smith, M. F.
• Steele-John, J. A.
• Sterle, G.
• Urquhart, A. E.
• Walsh, J. C.
• Waters, L. J.
• Watt, M. P.
• Whish-Wilson, P. S.
• White, L.

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